3 Reasons Women Are Redefining What It Means To Be Wealthy


Times have changed. Becoming consciously and holistically wealthy as a woman in today’s world is how big impact and innovation happen.
Women are confidently redefining what it means to be wealthy and for good reason. There is an empowering unhinging from the masculine conditioning that has plagued the lineage of women all over the world. That conditioning has had women believe that being wealthy meant anything other than living in complete alignment and abundance.

Courageously, women are doing away with the constraints, to instead realize their dreams at a rapid pace, while doing it harmoniously. Whether it is rising to the top 1% in their career, helming 7-figure empires, being the sole breadwinner of their family, or innovating community initiatives set to solidify these trends as the new norm for women globally – it is happening.

Rhonda Swan

Rhonda Swan, founder of Unstoppable Branding Agency is at the heart of the Women Gone Wild Movement and book series. This iteration of the W.I.L.D book series is rooted in all things wealth. By weaving conscious conversations and embodied teachings through each chapter and event, this cohort of 22 women is captivating and inspiring other women to renew their own relationships with financial and holistic wealth.

“Women Gone Wild’ is more than a book; it is a compilation of intentional stories that inspire emotion-enlisting conversation.” – Rhonda Swan  

Here are 3 reasons why it is time to redefine wealth for yourself:

Harmonize The Hustle

Deconditioning your over-masculine approach to building wealth, will pave the path for a harmonious work-life balance that will electrify your marketing.

‘Hustle-culture’ is no more. Women desire to sync their lives and businesses with the natural rhythms that ignite their inner genius and highest states of being. This requires intentional practices that create balance to activate greater states of leadership, initiatives for wealth generation, and a deeper connection to your audience.

Michelle Beltran

For Michelle Beltran, it’s simple – it’s Gratitude! “With gratitude as the foundation, I have found I can surrender the need for control which can happen as an entrepreneur. It is the control or feeling like you have to do it all that limits the entrepreneur. Gratitude is magnetic. My clients feel the ‘Yes!’ energy gratitude holds and they want to be a part of it. They feel safe and inspired and this opens the door to meaningful work and contribution with them.”
Women are magnetic when they are not burnt out.

Abundance Is A Frequency

As you come into a wealthier relationship with yourself and release the burnout cycles, what supports your human to thrive will bring new levels of abundance alive in both your business and life.

As the saying goes: ‘As above, so below’, and it couldn’t be a more aligned statement.

Here we are intentionally raising the standard by which you show up in the world in pursuit of your vision. Wealthy women are considerate of the amount of sleep they have, the way they move and nourish their body, the levels of energy they desire to emit, and how these elements set them up for the deep inner work they are being called into.

Barbie Layton

When a chronic illness challenged her world, Barbie Layton, internationally best-selling author, global TV host of  “You Are Amazing!”  and co-founder of “The Infinity Life”, was forced to rethink and realign her energy, nutrition, and get down to practicing daily gratitude for every day things we take for granted that are supporting us all the time. Even more important she shares is to “Center yourself in your personal belief system, then manage your mental chatter, to keep your own spiritual practice or meditation regular and to minimize any techno-smog or low vibrations out of your environment.”

Her daily go-to ritual for frequency tune-up is chanting the HU, which is “528 HZ on the Solfeggio Frequencies Scale and it is the tone of love, gratitude, and creativity. The higher your vibration, at more regular intervals, the more that you will find you are in flow and business and connections and opportunities manifest faster!”

Resourced Women Ignite Change Fast

Money in the hands of more resourced women, will change the world and change it fast.

By definition, ‘well resourced’ means to have all the necessary infrastructure and finances to function optimally. With this in mind, it is time to dismantle any negative beliefs you may have around generating more wealth and instead reprogram your body to be on board with earning more and the associated ripple effect.

Kortney Murray

Kortney Murray is a resourced woman who also resources other women and embodies a powerful message: more knowledge isn’t going to help you build better wealth. You need to know how to apply the knowledge and then get into a network that wants to see you succeed by holding you accountable to integrate and implement.

Genevieve Searle

Genevieve Searle, Epigenetics consultant and strategist specializing in relationship dynamics, intimacy & soul purpose alignment, and Internationally best-selling author and speaker, highlights the pivotal role of increased resources not only in facilitating access to more information and connections but also in reducing stress levels or enhancing individualized stress management techniques. Searle underscores that this transition holds the potential to usher in abundance.
By transcending survival mode, individuals are empowered to embrace a proactive “creation” mode. Within this mindset, they are primed to engage in expansive thinking, demonstrate heightened generosity, and contribute their distinctive talents to the global landscape, ultimately fostering an environment of abundance.

Here, we break the rules and redefine exquisite relationships with all facets of wealth, because as the proverb states, “If you want to see how wealthy you really are, count all the things you have that money cannot buy.” Rhonda Swan

You too will find the ultimate definition of wealth, beyond the mere accumulation of money.
To meet all of the Authors and learn more about the Women Gone Wild Book Series &  Movement go to WGWBook.com & join the Tribe.

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