An Exclusive Interview With The Renowned Talented Multi-Occupationist Jertaker



Where Did Your Love For Your Career Come From?

Each was different for me; music was when I was on the app which is now called TikTok. At the time, people used to lip-sync people’s music, including myself. So it made me think how cool that would be to have others do the same with my music. This and artists such as Fetty Wap, Rick Ross, Olivia Rodrigo, KSI, Halsey, and more inspired me to make music due to their increased ability over time and their significant successes and passions. I’ve always been the entertaining type for content creations, and I was very smart with educating myself on technology and learned how to edit videos very fast. So many people found me funny or entertaining, turning me into an internet personality, and got my vlogs and content to increase in popularity over the 11 years that I have been doing it. Content creation increases my knowledge, experiences, and places I get to go since I always have to have new and entertaining content; it makes me do more and more and learn and experience more and more. I love business and marketing because it helps all my work get further faster and make more money. I also love to help others achieve what they want or their dreams by making their dream job a reality. Plus, I like to be as independent as possible, so I’m not relying on others to ensure work gets done. Now, who doesn’t like a good slam once in a while? Straight brute type of power that is excepted and legal in wrestling. It’s good for exercise, stress, and content, but most importantly, it is enjoyable. I love science, learning, and medical environments like hospitals and nursing homes. I also love saving lives, making a difference, and completing missions. In the medical field, your whole job is full of never-ending tasks.

What Have You Been Up To Since The Pandemic Started?

It was an opportunity to make the best of my extra time. So, I did all I could to increase everything and make the best of it.

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How Do You Describe Your Recording Process?

My recording process is unpredictable because it is always different depending on whether it is a solo track or a collaboration. Sometimes, it even changes in vocals or instrumental production order. For videos, we do whatever it takes to record, no matter the budget or camera type, amount of people, or even weather. Rain or shine, we are working.

What Is Your Main Inspiration To Keep Going?

I would say the fact that so many doubted me. I’ve since been working so hard to prove all those who’ve challenged me. I also have a burning passion for all that I do, and it’s already been a dream come true to pursue these many careers every day.

Is There Anything You Want To Let Your Fans Or Admirers Know?

No matter how often you hear that you aren’t good enough or can’t do it, even when all the answers are NO to whatever you want to do. Just keep pushing and keep stunting and study study study. Those who work hardest and stay true will succeed in the end. They may be the most walked all over, but they are DIFFERENT. But different is weird or awkward to people. Yet there has never been a legend that is just like EVERYONE ELSE. Remember that.

What Is Next For You, And Where Do You See Yourself Within The Next Decade?

The honest answer for that will be, I don’t know. But, I know that I’ve accomplished way more than I thought I ever would, faster than I ever thought. So, I’d say better, more wealthy, and even more knowledgeable. I’m sure I would have accomplished more and better goals than what is on my current list.

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