Astronaut and Space Diplomat Namira Salim Set to Launch (ZEROG) 0G RESORT – FIRST SPACE HOTEL ON EARTH, IN UAE


Namira Salim, the Collector of Firsts, Pioneering Polar Explorer, Astronaut and celebrated Space Diplomat has transcended boundaries and cultural expectations, making her an icon of empowerment and exploration. In a remarkable fusion of her pioneering spirit and luxury innovation, she is now poised to redefine the hospitality industry by launching an otherworldly experience on Earth—aiming to elevate the concept of luxury living to celestial heights with her brainchild, the (ZeroG) 0G Resort – First Space Hotel on Earth.

Namira Salim’s journey to the stars has been marked by an unyielding commitment to breaking orbits. Soon to become the First Female Astronaut from Dubai, the First Pakistani Astronaut and First Monaco Astronaut,she has accumulated a portfolio of unprecedented Firsts. Her pioneering spirit also led her to conquer the North-South Poles and Skydive (tandem) Mount Everest, making her the First Pakistani and First Woman from Dubai & Monaco at the three poles and achieve a host of other remarkable feats.

Namira Salim | Credits: Digitally Studio

Beyond her extreme exploits, Namira Salim has emerged as a visionary Space Diplomat, working with the United Nations to advance space exploration for peaceful purposes. Through her non-profit organization, Space Trust, she is spearheading 0G2030 – First Peace Mission to Space. This is a capacity building, STEM Education project where students from the University of Arizona and the University of Nairobi are building a CubeSatellite carrying messages of peace from world leaders, civil society and youth into orbit.

Namira’s 0G initiatives extends to disrupting luxury hospitality by introducing her new class of franchise resorts: inspired by the stars, (ZeroG) 0G Resort– First Space Hotel on Earth. These distinctive luxury destinations promise a fully immersive experience reminiscent of a parallel universe, offering luxury hotel accommodations, sea-facing hotel apartments, beachfront villas, space-themed restaurants, space modules, a stargazing deck, shisha bars, and nightclubs.

Namira Salim’s innovative approach to space and luxury is reshaping the way we envision hospitality. Her novel designs for (ZeroG) 0G Resorts are a testament to her dedication to combining spatial concepts with unparalleled innovation, given over two decades of experience in the space industry and her ingenuity to bringing the timeless beauty of the night sky within our grasp. 

(ZeroG)0G Indoor Pool

While the global space economy reached a total revenue of $384 billion in 2022, the UAE is soon to become a regional hub for Space Tourism.  The first (ZeroG) 0G Resort in the UAE aims to serve as a global hub for attracting millions of tourists, Astronauts and space industry billionaires annually who share a passion for both luxury and raising awareness about peaceful applications of space technologies on Earth, as Space Diplomats.

(ZeroG)0G Resort

Namira Salim’s legacy as a Collector of Firsts, space industry thought leader and visionary is poised to grow even further. With the impending launch of (ZeroG) 0G Resorts and her upcoming Spaceflight with Virgin Galactic, she is at the forefront of a new era in luxury living and space tourism. As Namira gets ready to reach for the stars, she aims to finalise her ongoing search for an ideal location in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and to secure the right investor to bring her celestial dreams to life.

Namira Salim’s journeys to the North and South Poles, to Skydiving over Mount Everest, to the limitless expanse of space, reflect her unwavering commitment to galvanizing our common humanity from Space. As her brand continues to inspire and innovate, the launch of (ZeroG) 0G Resorts stands as a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence by making space for innovation, peace and unity on our fragile planet. 

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