At Just 18 Years Old, Biel TVZ Is A Musical Promise In The United Arab Emirates


Biel TVZ

At just 18 years old, the actor and music producer who conquered the foreign country with the rhythm of “In Dubai” was elected by Forbes New York 40 as one of the most promising young people in Brazil.
The song was honored in the family of Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, also known as Fazza or heir to Dubai. One of the richest men in the world.
Born in São Bernardo do Campos, São Paulo, Gabriel began his career in 2015 in the interior of the state of Maranhão. He began to have contact and interest in the world of music, but already in his adolescence he went through difficult times, he tried several times to have his channel recognized, but he was not successful.

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His work was very dedicated and the endless lead him to a few time influencers who became successors so much in such a short period. With all his decision and consistent contributions, he has managed to be ‘one of the youngest social media managers in the country’ and an entrepreneur as well.
Your efforts are very well recognized and rewarded. He is highly sought after for his services. Biel TVZ’s journey is an inspiration to many and his life is a fantasy for those his age. He proved that every small contribution to development leads to greater achievements.

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