Awakening Inner Flames: Akasha Auset Rah’s Quest For Healing And Empowerment


In a world where adversity often tests the limits of human strength, Akasha Auset Rah stands as a true beacon of empowerment, healing, and transformation. Renowned as a Psychic Medium Hypnotherapist, the founder of “The Goddess of Flame” an accomplished author, artist, actress, and filmmaker, Akasha has been on an unwavering mission to guide and uplift others on their journey towards healing and self-discovery for over 11 years.

Akasha’s story is one of remarkable resilience, having emerged from the depths of domestic violence and sexual abuse as a survivor and a warrior. Her personal experiences led her on a profound spiritual and psychological journey, during which she discovered the power of healing on multiple levels—mind, body, and spirit. Through this journey, she not only found her own strength but also developed an unyielding determination to help others navigate similar challenges.

A true pioneer in her field, Akasha became the first Hypnotherapist to present a groundbreaking topic at the American Hypnosis Association “Using Hypnosis Techniques to Overcome Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.” Her unique approach combines traditional therapeutic methods with spiritual insights, reflecting her profound understanding that true healing occurs on a multidimensional level.

The Goddess of Flame

Akasha’s expertise extends beyond her therapy practice, as she carefully crafts spiritual products through her brand, “The Goddess of Flame.” Drawing upon her extensive spiritual experience, each product is lovingly handcrafted and spiritually charged to facilitate healing and growth. These products serve as tangible tools to aid individuals on their path to wholeness and transformation.

Akasha’s journey culminates in her upcoming book, “Moving Forward.” This poignant guide offers a roadmap to overcoming adversity and trauma, sharing her personal story along with the invaluable tools she has discovered on her own path to healing. The book emphasizes the importance of addressing trauma on all levels—reprogramming the subconscious, healing generational traumas, and releasing negative energies from the body and spirit.

With wisdom gained from both personal experience and professional expertise, Akasha imparts invaluable lessons to those seeking healing. She advocates for a holistic approach to healing, urging individuals to explore beyond the confines of conventional research and embrace personal experience as a powerful tool for understanding and growth. Her teachings underscore the urgency of addressing domestic violence—a pervasive issue affecting one in three women in the United States—and shine a light on the necessity of illuminating violence within households to catalyze societal evolution.

Akasha’s aspirations are boundless, she envisions a future where her spiritual stores dot the landscape, spreading her mission of empowerment and healing across the nation and the globe. Her dream is for “The Goddess of Flame” to be synonymous with effective spiritual products and transformative experiences. Through her journey, Akasha Auset Rah continues to inspire and uplift, leaving an indelible mark on those who seek healing, transformation, and empowerment.

For those seeking genuine healing and a path towards empowerment, Akasha Auset Rah and “The Goddess of Flame” are beacons of light, guiding individuals on their transformative journeys from darkness to triumph. As she shares her insights, experiences, and products, Akasha’s influence continues to grow, cementing her status as an expert in her field and an advocate for positive change.

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