Bridging Spirituality And Luxury Hospitality: Marta Hobbs’ SoulCare™ Revolutionizes Wellness Experience


Marta Hobbs, a visionary soul-led entrepreneur, renowned author, and mentor for women in leadership and female entrepreneurs, is transforming lives and industries with her extraordinary journey and revolutionary approach. Through her deep connection to her own soul, Marta Hobbs has overcome tremendous challenges, inspiring others to tap into their inner strength and pursue a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Marta Hobbs’ path to self-discovery and personal growth exemplifies the power of living soul-led. Overcoming a traumatic childhood and the hardships of being a political refugee, she found freedom and lasting inner peace within herself. Marta’s remarkable story illustrates the immense potential for growth and resilience within each individual, urging others to embrace their own journey and seek their true selves.

One of Marta Hobbs’ notable accomplishments includes co-founding, the largest online Caribbean travel company. With her role as COO, she successfully built a 2.5 billion dollar business, offering affordable Caribbean getaways to millions of travelers. However, Marta realized that true success extended beyond material achievements and financial gains. She embarked on a profound spiritual awakening that led her to delve into the depths of her own being, dismantle false notions of control and identity, and rebuild herself from the ground up.

Marta Hobbs’ transformative experiences inspired her to create SoulCare™, a spiritual self-care practice. Partnering with Four Seasons Resorts, she brings this unique offering to luxury hospitality and high-end spas, inviting guests to experience the stillness, solitude, and sacredness within their own souls. Through guided meditations and one-on-one sessions, Marta facilitates a profound reconnection with the essence of being, allowing individuals to replenish their energy and find groundedness amidst life’s challenges.

In her best-selling memoir, “Unraveling,” Marta Hobbs fearlessly shares her journey of healing and self-discovery. Within 24 hours of its release, the book soared to the top of Amazon’s best-seller charts in categories such as Women Writers and Mind-Body Connection. Through her raw and vulnerable storytelling, Marta ignites hope and resilience in readers, encouraging them to overcome their own obstacles and embrace the power of their authentic selves.

As Marta Hobbs looks toward the future, she envisions herself as a beacon of light, guiding individuals to tap into their souls and live more meaningful lives. Through coaching, mentoring, workshops, and retreats, she aims to awaken leaders and ignite a global wave of heart-centered, conscious businesses. Marta also dreams of adapting her memoir into a Netflix series or film, bringing her powerful story to a wider audience.

Marta Hobbs’ impact extends beyond personal transformations. She envisions incorporating SoulCare™ into wellness programs at Four Seasons Hotels worldwide, creating a network of certified SoulCare™ providers, and offering intimate sessions in top designer fashion houses. Marta aims to speak at events, sharing her insights on spirituality in leadership and luxury hospitality. Her ultimate goal is to attract high-net-worth clients, forge partnerships with luxury brands aligned with her values, and continue expanding her platform.Connect with Marta Hobbs on Instagram (@MartaHobbs), Facebook (@MartaHobbsOfficial), and Twitter (@MartaHobbs). To learn more about her inspiring journey and the transformative power of living soul-led, visit her website at

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