Celebrity Hairdresser Samet Zili Is Expanding Globally


Samet Zili
Samet Zili

Before moving to London, you worked in Dubai and Milan, can you tell us more about your time in these countries and how it helped your career?

Samet Zili : The story goes back to Istanbul days. Once I had the honour of working for Princess of UAE and my Dubai story started with that appointment!

Only a week after she returned to Dubai ; I received that life changing call, The Princess of UAE was asking me to work for her every weekend in Dubai! I was literally gobsmacked! Working for a princess !
Initially ,I started to travel weekly then she offered me stay permanently which I couldn’t say no to! It was the turning point in my career ,I worked for the Royal family of UAE and many high profile celebrities in Dubai. It opened up many doors to enhance my career.

Meanwhile , I never stopped improving my skills and working towards my goals! I took many courses from hairdressing icons in Milan and eventually I was one of the sought-after stylists for Milan fashion week. Furthermore, this experience opened up doors to Europe-London.
I have made a solid client base in Dubai, Milan and Istanbul; those lived in London.
I always believe that everything happens for a reason from İstanbul to Dubai, Milan to London! Dreams come true !

What motivated you to move to London after working in these countries?

Samet Zili :My motivation was always improving myself to provide
better quality and service for my beloved clients . In an industry, where trends change rapidly; it is crucial to add on to your skillset as a hairdresser, therefore London was another base I saw opportunities to enhance my knowledge and also I was enthusiastic to work for my clients in London, those already knew me from Istanbul, Dubai and Milan.
One of the advantages of living in a world where we are well connected was keeping all my clients connected with me via Instagram. I still remember with tears in my eyes; when I announced my decision to move to London, I immediately got appointments filling up for 3 months in advance! There you go, I found myself working nonstop from the day I moved to London!

What were the early days like in London? 

As I mentioned in the previous answer, my first few months were so busy in London. Believe it or not , I did not even have time to go through cultural shock! (Giggles) I was so happy to be in London for my career, beside my job London has a lot to offer; in terms of a good quality lifestyle, I did not find it too hard to blend in and enjoy the life !

Is there anything you know now, that you wish you knew before

My experience has thought me that creating solid relationship with clients and keeping them happy means more than the success and fame I gained over the past few years.

Samet Zili Instagram https://instagram.com/sametzili

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