Dima Rachid Jamali: An Entrepreneurial Dean and Influential Thought Leader Shaping The Future of Education


Dr. Dima Rachid Jamali, an esteemed academic and influential figure in the field of business administration, is making waves as the Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Sharjah. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for sustainability and responsible leadership, Dr. Jamali is driving positive change and innovation in education and beyond.

She spent over 20 years in academia, and has made significant contributions to the field of business administration, particularly in the areas of sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and social entrepreneurship. Her work has earned her global recognition, including being ranked among the top 2% most influential scholars in sustainability by Stanford University for two consecutive years.

One of Dr. Jamali’s notable accomplishments is her role as the President and National Representative for the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon (GCNL). Through this network, she has successfully united businesses committed to advancing sustainability and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Lebanon. Her dedication to driving meaningful change has led to the implementation of numerous social, humanitarian, and environmental projects across the country.

As Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Sharjah, Dr. Jamali has spearheaded transformative initiatives aimed at enhancing the educational experience and preparing future leaders. She has revitalized the college’s mission and curricula to align with the latest trends, fostered interdisciplinary collaborations with other colleges, and forged strong partnerships with industry leaders. Under her leadership, the college has achieved significant advancements in international rankings, becoming recognized as one of the top business schools to watch.

Dr. Jamali’s journey has been marked by several prestigious awards and accolades, including the National Council for Scientific Research Excellence Award and the Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer Award. She has been a trailblazer in breaking gender stereotypes and challenging societal norms, paving the way for aspiring women leaders worldwide.

In her own words, Dr. Jamali emphasizes the transformative power of education: “Any solution to the world’s problems starts with education, the greatest tool we have to fulfill and grow human potential.” She advocates for the evolution of higher education, encouraging institutions to align with the public good, prioritize sustainability, and foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Driven by her belief in the role of education, she envisions a future where responsible leaders shape a better tomorrow.

Looking ahead, Dr. Dima Rachid Jamali aims to continue her impactful journey, taking on leading roles in academia and shaping the global landscape of education. Her dreams and aspirations extend beyond academia, as she envisions establishing her own global NGO dedicated to quality inclusive education. Through her unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference, Dr. Jamali is leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Also believing in the role of digitization in the environment, social, governance, and sustainability spheres, and delving deeper into the world of entrepreneurship, She co-founded Menassati. Menassati is a groundbreaking edutainment platform that combines videos, audios, e-books, and gaming with the vision to redefine education and digitize Arabic human knowledge for a new generation of learners and culture seekers. The platform aims to offer low-cost public access to a decentralized and democratized full Arabic digital multimedia library.

Driven by a mission to discover and define the intellectual genome of each Arab country, Menassati gives voice to rising generations of content creators while helping communicate the true Arab literary identity to the world. Through this innovative platform, Dr. Jamali aims to build bridges between diverse cultures, fostering understanding and collaboration.

Menassati represents a purpose-driven business with immense potential for innovation and growth. By combining education and entertainment, the platform aims to create a lasting impact in the education and edutainment spheres, revolutionizing the way knowledge is accessed and shared. With Dr. Jamali’s entrepreneurial mindset and commitment to sustainability, Menassati embodies her vision for a better future through the power of education and digitization.

Dr. Dima Rachid Jamali’s entrepreneurial spirit, influential thought leadership, and dedication to sustainability make her a trailblazer in the realm of academia. Her remarkable achievements and vision for the future serve as an inspiration to aspiring leaders and change-makers around the globe.

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