Dr. Patricia Celan: Canadian Physician and Beauty Queen with a Diamond Heart


Dr. Patricia Celan was born in Europe and raised in British Columbia, Canada since she was 3 years old. She survived a childhood filled with abuse, which inspired her passion to help people who have experienced trauma in their lives.

She graduated with her MD from the University of British Columbia’s Medical School in 2018, and her difficult childhood fueled her decision to choose psychiatry as her specialty. She is currently in postgraduate psychiatry training at Dalhousie University, planning to start her own trauma therapy clinic after graduation.

Dr. Patricia Celan’s strength lies in her determination and courage when she is passionate about a cause. Her journey has not been without its struggles; she still battles anxiety, a result of various traumatic experiences in her life. Nevertheless, she takes the quote “turn your wounds into wisdom” to heart, seeking to become a better person in spite of the adversity she has overcome. She has found meaning in pageantry, as a Mrs. Canada titleholder who has competed in multiple international pageants. 

Dr. Celan uses pageantry to further her platform and vision to see a world free of abuse, where humans don’t have to fear abuses like domestic violence or sexual assault, and where animals have their freedoms respected as well.

Dr. Celan recently represented Canada at the Mrs. Universe 2022 pageant in Bulgaria, where she won the Diamond Heart Award for her resilience, strong moral character, and the inspiring content of her speech during the pageant’s Domestic Violence Symposium. This remarkable woman has a fun side too! She also recently competed in Mrs. World 2022 in Las Vegas, where she won the Most Whimsical National Costume Award for her costume lightly caricaturing French culture.

Dr. Celan’s hobbies include singing, hiking, and hot yoga. As an avid animal lover, she hopes to incorporate puppy therapy and kitty therapy to support her patients in her future trauma therapy clinic, prioritizing the human-nature connection that she calls essential for wellbeing.

Dr. Celan is an ethical vegan and does not consume animal products, conscious of the harms caused to animals in various aspects of animal agriculture and other animal exploitation industries. She believes that we can one day see a world that is equal and free of all kinds of abuse no matter the person or species, but everyone will need to work together toward this goal. Through volunteerism and activism, she wishes to encourage individuals to take the time to be the change we all wish to see in the world.

As a woman of many talents and causes, Dr. Patricia Celan is a Canadian gem that continues to inspire with her passion, determination, and courage in her quest to create a world that is free of abuse. Her work and achievements thus far are a testament to her dedication to the cause. Dr. Celan’s story is proof that one can overcome any obstacle to achieve their dreams.

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