“Finding Your Passion Is The Stepping Stone For Entrepreneurial Success,” Says Elmar Rassi And He Opens Up About European Tour!


Elmar Rassi

With so many people opting to become self-employed and so many entrepreneurs out there today, one must have all the adequate skills and know-hows of their business niche to survive and become successful in their industry.
Oftentimes, entrepreneurs go into business for the wrong reasons, mostly money and a better lifestyle. Unfortunately, this drive falters real quick when obstacles start coming your way. Many entrepreneurs have abandoned the ship at the first sign of trouble.
Elmar Rassi, CEO and founder of the ‘Top Coach Academy’, the ER Media GmbH and ‘The World of Inspiration’, has walked the entrepreneurial journey. “The main drive towards success should be finding something you are passionate about,” says Elmar.
When you are passionate enough about something, quitting is never an option even if faced with obstacles. Loving and enjoying what you do is the ultimate key to success, and as a bestselling author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur, Elmar Rassi says, “Your passion is the stepping stone for entrepreneurial success.”
Elmar has defied all odds, and despite having a rough childhood where he had to deal with bullying and self-esteem issues, he has managed to build himself a successful brand. After high school, he got a job where he worked for 17 years, and later, he quit and moved to college to follow his passion. Success does not come easy, and according to Elmar, his first 3 years as a self-employed person were very difficult and demanding.
Being among the first people ever to use social media for business, Elmar attracted a lot of questions from people who wanted to know how to implement the same into their businesses. He now inspires millions through his social media accounts, books, workshops, and shows. His first ever speaking gig was in front of 3,000 people.
Elmar loves giving back to the society and making peoples’ lives happier, which is what led him to start ‘The World of Inspiration’ where he helps people realize and embrace their full potential. According to Elmar, the goal of his business is to attract people with the same values as him, and instill these values in others. For one to be a part of Elmar’s ‘Top Coach Academy’, they need to be passionate about their business and also have a business drive.
At one time, Elmar tried to adapt the American strategies in the German market, but he kept on failing until he realized the difference in market audience. That’s when he came up with his own strategy and founded the ‘Top Coach Academy’ to help people live their passion and monetize it too.
Life is all about taking risks and being positive. In a world that is fast changing and where jobs are scarce, one needs to think outside the box and find something they are really passionate about in order to be successful. Without being passionate in your business ventures, you will end up giving up on most of them.
What did you do during the pandemic?
We know what Elmar Rassi did: Planning a “Breaking Rules” tour in three different countries. Just more than two years since pandemic began Elmar is glad to be performing live again.
“I think we’re all really happy to be back together after so long. That’s why we’ve created a show without any limits.” Together with singer/songwriter Katharina Boger he planed a “Breaking Rules” tour.
And this project in not only extremely ambitious but also captivating and super interesting.
It will be a perfect symbiosis of great music, entertainment, illusion combined with a thinking out of the box as a recurring theme.
It will leave a deep impression on your mindset and is an all-in-one entertainment show – music meets illusion and deep content.

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