Flame of Resilience: Dr. Tiffany Moon’s Journey From Practicing Anesthesiology To Becoming CEO of Aromasthesia Candles


In a world where passion meets unexpected entrepreneurial ventures, Dr. Tiffany Moon stands out as an embodiment of resilience, creativity, and determination. From being a top-tier anesthesiologist to creating Aromasthesia Candles, Dr. Moon’s journey is an inspiring tale of combining medical expertise with aromatic innovation.

At the age of 23, Dr. Tiffany Moon achieved what most could only dream of graduating from UT Southwestern Medical School with honors and embarking on a remarkable career in anesthesiology. Her dedication and academic prowess led her to attend one of the most prestigious anesthesiology residency programs at UCSF. Over the years, her excellence was recognized through awards like the Dennis F. Landers, M.D., Ph.D. Faculty of the Year Award and the Distinguished Educator Award from the American Society of Anesthesiologists. But even as accolades piled up, Dr. Moon found herself yearning for a creative outlet beyond the confines of the hospital.

“I wanted to find a way to ‘lighten up’ when I was away from the hospital,” Dr. Moon shares with a playful smile. A lover of candles and aromatherapy, she combined her passion for both anesthesiology and fragrances to give birth to Aromasthesia Candles. The fusion of her medical background and creativity led to candles designed not just to illuminate spaces, but to create a sensory experience that promotes relaxation and well-being.

The idea for Aromasthesia Candles sparked during a time of immense stress— the pandemic. Dr. Moon, working tirelessly on the frontlines, turned to candles for solace. However, her allergies were aggravated by the chemicals present in many commercial candles. Digging deep into the world of candle-making, she decided to craft her own non-toxic, premium candles. After gifting them to friends, the positive feedback was overwhelming, and the idea to turn her passion into a business was born.

“As an ‘accidental entrepreneur,’ I embraced the learning curve,” Dr. Tiffany Moon recounts. Armed with determination and supported by her friends and family, she learned the ropes of business and started Aromasthesia Candles from scratch. From taglines like “propofol is for humans who need a nap” to witty “indications for use” on each candle, Dr. Moon infuses her medical humor into her aromatic creations.

Aromasthesia Candles isn’t just about fragrances; it’s a testament to Dr. Moon’s dedication to well-being, both in the medical field and in personal spaces. With a fan-favorite status from her appearance on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Dallas, she’s leveraging her platform to share her dual passions and inspire others to chase their dreams.

“Work hard and follow your passion,” she advises. Dr. Moon’s journey from anesthesiologist to CEO illustrates that one can break through perceived boundaries and create something beautiful, even if it means stepping into uncharted territory. Her story resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs and those in need of a reminder that passion and perseverance can lead to remarkable accomplishments.

Looking ahead, Dr. Tiffany Moon envisions Aromasthesia expanding into complementary products like diffusers and room sprays, extending the sensory experience of her brand. Simultaneously, she plans to delve deeper into her research in anesthesiology, contributing to advancements that enhance patient care and safety. Dr. Tiffany Moon’s story serves as a beacon, reminding us that with dedication, innovation, and a touch of humor, we can set our dreams ablaze.

In a world where medicine meets creativity, where passion transcends boundaries, Dr. Tiffany Moon shines as a beacon of inspiration, igniting dreams and soothing souls, one candle at a time.

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