Focusing On Long Lasting Client Relationships Visions By Janessa Photography Is All About Personable Experiences


California-based luxury, celebrity photographer, Janessa Taber of Visions by Janessa Photography, is drawing A-list clients from around the world, all while creating lasting and meaningful relationships with them.

With 18 years of experience behind the lens, Taber has amassed a substantial portfolio filled with famous clients and her dedication to her name-brand photography continues to attract more.

The artist based her business in rural northern California in 2005 and has personally overseen its growth into the bustling enterprise it is today. She employs a team of specialists to assist with her sessions and streamline booking processes, including her manager of 6 years, Thomas Tryon. Taber says Tryon’s guidance and mentorship through the dramatic ins and outs of being a high-profile photographer have meant the world to her, not to mention his keen executive abilities that have encouraged the growth of her business. The photographer also pays heartfelt tribute to her hair and makeup artist, Azael Guzman, whose styling prowess gives her clients stunning looks before stepping in front of her camera.

Taber keeps a studio in her hometown of Gridley, California, and has opened additional studios in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco. “Offering locations that were easily accessible to clients all over the state of California was a must,” says Taber, adding that it has been a key element in expanding the range of her services and accommodating her rising number of patrons.

Recently, Taber worked with Danijela Milisic, fiancé of A’Shawn Robinson. Robinson, a defensive tackle formerly with the LA Rams, reportedly just signed a highly lucrative contract with the New York Giants football team. Milisic said that Taber was “understanding of A’shawns tight and unpredictable schedule and was willing to make the photoshoot work regardless of the circumstances.”

Janessa Taber With A’Shawn Robinson

Milisic was excited for her session with Taber but was almost forced to cancel her photo shoot and forfeit her substantial retainer. Ever flexible, Taber booked an outside studio closer to Milisic to keep the expecting mother’s scheduled date. Milisic was thrilled. Taber made sure to include the absent Robinson by allowing him to remotely view the images from the session as it was unfolding. Milisic and Robinson were more than pleased with the resulting photos and service. “Janessa made me feel beautiful and powerful during my photoshoots,” said Milisic. “She made it easy to relax and enjoy the process which ultimately led to the pictures turning out better than I had hoped.” Milisic expressed feeling truly “empowered” by her experience and that Taber’s “professionalism and the way she carried herself with such confidence helped me also embody such confidence in front of the camera.”

A’Shawn Robinson With Fiancé Danijela Milisic And Daughter

After reviewing the final photos from Milisic’s maternity session, Robinson wanted to participate in a family photoshoot and supported Milisic in booking a “Mother and Baby” session after the birth of their daughter.

Taber says her “brand reflects the things I value most and the emotions behind it.” Being a loving mother, she allowed her daughter Brooklynne to accompany and assist her with the follow-up shoot with the family’s permission. Milisic described their newborn as “fussy,” yet Brooklynne was able to pacify her and help her own mother capture beautiful images. Appreciatively, Milisic said, “Janessa and her family are kind-hearted people, solicitous about the welfare of my family and I. This makes it undeniably obvious that I would continue to work with her in the future.”

Behind The Scenes: Daughter of Janessa Taber Playing With A’Shawn Robinson’s Daughter

Taber’s skill and professionalism, combined with her genuine personality, willingness to go above and beyond for her clients, and sincere interactions with each individual she works with keep high-profile customers stepping back in front of her camera. Visions by Janessa Photography truly does put the focus on the client.

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