From Broke To Boss – The Unstoppable Daniela Baumann


Daniela Baumann, an extraordinary entrepreneur, speaker, author, and the director of Global Woman Club Dubai, is a living testament to the power of perseverance and following one’s passion. Her remarkable story, from being a single mother burdened with significant debt to becoming a successful businesswoman, serves as an inspiration to women facing similar financial challenges and those who refuse to give up on their dreams.

Born and raised in Germany in 1966, Daniela always harbored a passion for dance. However, her parents discouraged her aspirations, insisting that she pursue a more “serious” career. Despite their advice, she became a hairdresser and later worked in a travel agency. But deep inside, Daniela yearned to follow her true passion.

In pursuit of her dreams, Daniela traveled to Ibiza in her early twenties, where she fell in love with the island and immersed herself in the dance business. Over the next 20 years, she formed various dance groups and performed in countless shows. Her perseverance paid off, and she became a successful choreographer and dancer.

However, the 2008 financial crisis posed a significant challenge for Daniela. She lost all her dance jobs and found herself in a dire financial situation as a single mother with two sons and mounting bills of $30,000. It was a moment of despair, questioning what she was doing wrong in life. But fate intervened when she stumbled upon the book “The Secret,” which shifted her mindset and made her reflect on her true passion.

During this transformative period, Daniela watched the movie “Striptease,” starring Demi Moore. She discovered the mesmerizing art of pole dancing and was instantly captivated. Determined to learn and teach others, she realized that she could only pursue her newfound passion in the United States, as pole dancing had yet to gain popularity in Europe.

Facing financial hardship and skepticism from friends and potential investors, Daniela took a leap of faith. She approached multiple banks for a loan to fund her trip to the US, eventually securing $7,500. With determination as her driving force, she embarked on her journey, only to encounter disappointment in her initial pole dancing classes. Undeterred, she sought out an experienced trainer in Las Vegas, who taught her the necessary techniques and instilled a sense of achievement.

Armed with newfound knowledge, Daniela returned to Switzerland and began formulating her own pole dancing workshops. The first few workshops were a success, leading her to establish her own studio. Despite the initial lack of support, Daniela’s resilience and unwavering belief in her idea propelled her forward. Within six months, she opened her second studio, and over the next decade, she expanded her business to include 15 studios throughout Switzerland.

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Daniela’s infectious energy, confidence, leadership, vision, and resilience set her apart as a strong and inspiring businesswoman. Her ability to overcome adversity and create success from scratch is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft. She serves as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, encouraging them to follow their passions and believe in themselves despite the challenges they may face.

In recognition of her outstanding achievements, Daniela Baumann received an award at the recent TechKogo event for her work as the director of the Global Woman Club Dubai. Looking ahead, she envisions herself speaking at conferences worldwide, inspiring women from different cultures and backgrounds. Her ultimate goal is to build a thriving Global Woman community in Dubai, streaming empowering events globally and creating a platform that reaches millions of women.

Daniela Baumann’s story is a shining example of how determination, belief in oneself, and the pursuit of passion can lead to remarkable success. She urges other women entrepreneurs starting out on their journeys to remain focused, resilient, and unswerving in the pursuit of their dreams. With Daniela as an inspiration, women around the world can embrace their uniqueness, support each other, take risks, learn from failure, and celebrate their achievements.

As Daniela Baumann continues to make waves in the entrepreneurial world, her story is a beacon of hope, proving that with perseverance, anything is possible. From broke to boss, she exemplifies the unwavering spirit of an unstoppable woman, and her journey is one that deserves admiration and recognition.

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