From Burnout to Fulfillment: Kamladevi Sharma’s Impactful Approach to Corporate Training and Coaching


In a world where the demands of corporate life and entrepreneurship often lead to burnout and stress, Kamladevi Sharma, founder of Revive.Coach, is on a mission to change the narrative. Her career choice as a Corporate Trainer & Coach was driven by a profound understanding of the need for leaders and entrepreneurs to find fulfillment and success without sacrificing their well-being. Kamla’s journey from corporate life to entrepreneurship has equipped her with invaluable insights into the challenges faced by high-achievers, and she’s using these experiences to make a significant impact.

Kamladevi’s story is one of transformation. She, too, was once caught in the relentless cycle of work, feeling overwhelmed by the demands of her corporate job, and later, as an entrepreneur, while balancing the roles of being a full-time mom of three boys and a wife. The stress, burnout, and lack of fulfillment took a toll on her well-being. She realized that her mindset, energy, and strategies played a pivotal role in her life’s outcome, including her financial well-being.

What Kamladevi refers to as a “MESS” (Mindset, Energy, Strategy, and Soulful Outcomes) became the cornerstone of her approach. She understands that this isn’t just her story; countless individuals worldwide find themselves trapped in unfulfilling work lives, affecting their sense of purpose and satisfaction.

In the corporate world, where time is money and productivity is paramount, Kamladevi’s work addresses a critical issue: the importance of workplace happiness without creating an imbalance in the employee-employer contractual duties and obligations. She believes that without a sense of fulfillment, productivity suffers, and this, in turn, works against a company’s objectives. Kamladevi is committed to helping leaders and entrepreneurs feel more connected, purposeful, and happier in their daily lives.

Revive.Coach offers a range of bespoke training and workshops for organizations in the public and private sector, coaching programs for leaders and entrepreneurs and Kamladevi’s empirical program, “Money Overflows”. Kamladevi understands that money is a major stressor for many, and it can significantly impact fulfillment and work-life balance. Her expertise in money mastery and financial intelligence helps individuals align their mindset with their financial goals, enabling them to lead prosperous and successful lives responsibly.

Kamladevi’s approach isn’t limited to corporate settings. She also conducts financial intelligence and career planning sessions for high school students, and stress management and career fulfillment trainings for teachers, contributing to a positive shift in mindset and well-being at an early age.

What sets Kamladevi apart is her personal journey and her commitment to making a difference in corporate culture and work ethics through sustainable growth mindset generations. Born in Guyana, South America, she holds multiple degrees, including an MBA, and has worked in management and academia. Her life has been enriched with the presence of her three sons and having incredible support from her husband, parents, in-laws, other family and friends. Her decision to leave corporate life while three months pregnant was a turning point. It was during this time that she ventured into the online world, eventually leading her to the realization that mindset and money mastery were the keys to a fulfilling life.

Kamladevi’s dedication to helping others transform their lives is evident in her corporate training and coaching programs. Her focus on money mastery and financial well-being is especially relevant in today’s world, where financial security plays a crucial role in overall happiness and fulfillment.

Revive.Coach’s success stories speak volumes about Kamladevi’s impact. Clients have experienced remarkable transformations, from landing their dream jobs to achieving financial stability, increasing their money inflow, experiencing happier work-lives and even rekindling their personal relationships for greater work-life balance and fulfillment. Her programs which emphasize taking responsibility for one’s financial well-being and leading their MESS, resonate deeply with her clients.

Kamladevi Sharma’s journey from burnout and stress to fulfillment and success is a testament to the power of mindset and money mastery. Her dedication to helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals create positive shifts in their lives is inspiring. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, Kamladevi’s work at Revive.Coach reminds us that in showing up with the right mindset, energy and strategies, we can achieve career fulfillment, prosperity, and a life lived to the fullest, or as she says, “live in full enjoyment because life’s a cute MESS”.

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