Grammy 2022 – Angelique Kidjo Beats Wizkid


Angelique Kidjo
Angelique Kidjo

African music star Angelique Kidjo has won the Grammy Award for Best Global Music Album, beating Wizkid, Femi Kuti, and Daniel Ho & Friends. Her “Mother Nature” album features the finest artists from the continent, including Yemi Alade, Salif Keita, Burna Boy, and Zeyna Boy.

The Grammy Awards have always celebrated the best of global music, and this year was no different. Nigerian superstar Wizkid is up for two awards – Best Album and Best Global Music Performance – at this year’s ceremony. His rivals included fellow Nigerian Burna Boy, and legendary African singer Angelique Kidjo. But while Wizkid won Best Global Music Performance, Angelique Kidjo took home the Best Album category, beating out the likes of Femi and Made Kuti.

The veteran Beninese singer has long been celebrated at the Grammys. But this year, she has lost the Best Album award to Wizkid. Her win comes as a bittersweet surprise for both fans and artists. Nevertheless, it is still a major victory for music lovers from the continent. The newest release from Nigeria’s capital is a must-have for every collection of music lovers.

Wizkid’s “Essence” has surpassed the African singer’s “I Feel” album in sales. Though Wizkid and Tem’s album has reached the top of the Hot 100, the African duo’s song has soared to global success and platinum certification. The Grammys are a celebration of the diversity of African music.

Angelique Kidjo beats Wizkid in the Grammy Awards for Best Album. The Grammys are the biggest music awards in the world. She is a celebrated African singer with a global fan base. In addition to winning the Grammy Award for Best Album, she also won two Grammys for Best Global Music Performance. This is the first time a Beninese singer has been recognized in this way.

The Grammys are famous for their wild surprises, and this year’s Grammys are no exception. In the Best Album category, Angelique Kidjo beats Wizkid in two categories, Best Global Music Album and Best Global Music Performance. Despite the upcoming Grammys, the award ceremony will continue to be entertaining. It is expected to be an exciting night for African music.

Meanwhile, Wizkid was nominated for Best Global Music Performance. He won the Grammy for Best Global Music Album with “Essence.” He won the Best Album award for “Winter” – both songs by Angelique Kidjo. In addition, she won the award for Best Global Music Performance. The song is called “Even” and was nominated by both Wizkid and Wimi, as well as by the British singer Arooj Aftab.

The Grammys have a long history of recognizing African artists, and Angelique Kidjo’s latest album “Essence” is no exception. The song by Wizkid and Tem came from Nigeria, and was certified platinum by the RIIA. But her record “Essence” was also nominated for Best Global Music Album. Unlike the Grammys, the song did not chart on the Hot 100, but it still reached the top 10 and became a worldwide hit.

After a long and illustrious career, Angelique Kidjo now possesses two Grammy nominations, one for Best Global Music Album and one for Best Global Music Performance. She won the latter for her album, but he won for her song, “Essence” by Tem and Wizkid. The African singer has become a global music icon, and her nominations will be honored in the years to come.

Among the artists nominated for Grammys in 2022 are Tony Bennett, Louis C.K., and Angelique Kidjo. The former has a strong presence in the African music industry, winning three GRAMMYs and winning the most awards in recent years. However, she did not win any of these awards. The runner-up for Best Alternative Music Album is none other than BTS.

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