How Kabir Suda Became The Successful Entrepreneur He Is Today


Kabir Suda

If there’s one thing that helps build character among business-minded individuals, it’s going through trials in life to help them realize their purpose and career aspirations. Moreover, their origin stories can inspire others who want to follow in their footsteps or see that some could break from the status quo. 

Take, for example, online entrepreneur Kabir Suda. It’s not every day the world sees someone from the younger generations make a name for themselves at an early age, let alone leverage an emerging platform that has yet to unlock its full potential. 

Nonetheless, he pushed through to achieve what he wanted in life. Eventually, Kabir saw the results he wanted and had been living the life he dreamt of when he began his career path. 

Who Is Kabir? 

One quick Google search will show that Kabir Suda is a young entrepreneur from New Delhi, India, who leverages the YouTube automation industry to grow his wealth. He also runs faceless YouTube cashflow channels that generate passive income. 

Yet people don’t know that Kabir tried several other career paths before he landed on YouTube automation. The young entrepreneur embodied the saying, “If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again.” 

“I had already trident multiple side hustles and freelancing gigs to make money online when I was first curious about it at the beginning of 2020,” Kabir said. “I tried anything that could have made me a couple of thousand dollars online and wasted my time on multiple side hustles from affiliate marketing.” 

Kabir shared that he did part-time information security by helping websites find and fix bugs. Eventually, he turned his eye to YouTube automation, especially with the benefits it would bring him. He knew working at a job or attending college was not in his cards. 

“I wanted the freedom to do whatever I wanted and did not like the idea of having and being answerable to a boss nor following a 9 to 5 routine for the rest of my life. I wanted a better life for myself and my family. It’s why I started and never looked back,” Kabir explained. 

He went from making a measly $100 to $200 monthly from side hustles to making $20,000 to $30,000 as a young entrepreneur from India. It became one of the proudest moments in his career. Nevertheless, he remains humble and grateful by doing what he can to give back to his community. 

“My biggest accomplishment has been being able to help and impact many lives and people by helping them get started with YouTube automation as well, as with my company Triad Global Media,” he said. 

Facing And Overcoming Challenges

Like everyone else, Kabir also encountered hurdles as a young online entrepreneur. The first and arguably most difficult one was facing social pressure from his parents about attending college and landing a safe job. In fact, in the initial period of starting his company, his parents weren’t even aware his business was making him $20,000 to $30,000 monthly. He sought help from his siblings for all of the legal documents that were required.

Yet his persistence and eventual success led them to the light, allowing Kabir to continue what he loves doing as an entrepreneur. 

Another challenge he had to worry about was having the patience to wait for his desired results. 

“I faced times when I thought I needed to become successful and could not wait. Later on, in my entrepreneurship journey, I learned that I have to pay the price today and live the life I wanted—for which I needed patience and persistence,” he said. 

Fortunately, he learned how to overcome his impatience and focus on growing his business. 

On Growth And Change

Besides working on his business, Kabir also had to change his lifestyle to keep up with his new professionalism. One relevant step he took was distancing himself from the wrong circle and crowd, including some of his old friends from school and the neighborhood. He wanted to purge all the negative people from his life so he could focus on his positivity and development. 

“I only stayed in touch with people with the same mindset, ambition, and drive. It allowed me to network with like-minded individuals, and now, I and my network of selective people are successful,” he said. 

Kabir also follows several core principles to help him in life and business. He lists honesty, persistence, and consistency as constant values in anything he does as an individual and an entrepreneur. 

“I am here to create generational wealth for myself and help my clients do the same. My top priority has always been helping others. I am a philanthropist as well,” he said. 

With his youth, Kabir still has some ways to go before he discovers and maximizes his potential. Still, he’s off to a great start and has already established himself as a vital player in the YouTube automation industry. 
Find out more about Kabir Suda on Instagram and Twitter.

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