How RICKY HIRSCH, 36, Turned an “Untapped Niche” Into a $448M Property Empire


Seemingly born with a profound drive for success and a sound corporate mind, Ricky Hirsch has been following his inner entrepreneurial spirit since he was just 17 years old.

At the ripe age of 17, Hirsch discovered an untapped niche in the marketplace, leveraging unique techniques that incredibly multiplied his investment by tenfold. He credits this achievement to the problem-solving skills he acquired in finance, where he worked with his father, a serial entrepreneur. He realized that entrepreneurship is embedded in his DNA. While perfecting this process, the gap in the market paved the way for creating Joint Venture (JV) models for his clientele. At 24, he formed his company, Fulfil The Dream “FTD” Developments.

Back in 2008, when most people were still recovering from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), Hirsch went against the grain. He capitalized on a new model that would later reshape the local developer strategy in his city. He introduced unique triplex development models, which enabled him to make twice the profits while leveraging only a quarter of the working capital—this was a game-changer.

“I saw an opportunity and had a vision. I took over the property with a plan in place to change the game in the group dwelling space,” he told Forbes.

The most effective ideas are often the simplest. Hirsch revolutionized the field by completing over 50 developments by the age of 30, using his JV model partnerships. He built up his clients’ capital and elevated them to the next levels in multi-dwelling developments.

Ricky also has a construction arm that specializes in modular builds. This has been another key factor in his innovative rise, allowing him to adapt local build methodology and utilize advantages from low-rise to high-rise projects.

“Instead of doing all the construction work on-site, we can complete more than 90 percent of a building project in our factory. This saves construction time by over 50 percent and reduces construction waste by the same margin. Not to mention, it results in cost-effective savings in materials and labor. We have a uniquely devised system to outperform the marketplace,” Hirsch explained.

FTD’s next modular build concept

Hirsch has acquired an additional eight prestigious sites, set to build 355 “ultra-luxury” apartments. His meteoric rise has caught the attention of a major wealth creation group based in Singapore, which is backing the property mogul with institutional money—a match made in heaven.

But Ricky isn’t stopping there. He enjoys diversifying his expertise and knowledge in the development world, aiming not just to build high but also wide. This has landed him a multi-million-dollar, 600-lot subdivision, in addition to providing luxury homes for the local community.

FTD has proven to be very resourceful, managing to raise over $22 million within 24 hours through high-network relationships, while offering a 5% stake in the company’s shareholding.

“I love what I do. I work around the clock, sourcing the most exceptional development sites in the world. I unlock the best innovative methods for producing our branded developments and work alongside top-performing players in the field, backed by our high net-worth, global institutional investors. We are disrupting the development industry,” Hirsch said.

Embodying the saying, “The world is your oyster,” Hirsch has expanded his enterprise from Australia to Dubai, Singapore, China, and Indonesia. He now has his sights set on New York and Miami, and is currently arranging his teams and getting his foot in the door. We are genuinely excited to see what’s in store for this property mogul’s future achievements on American soil.

“Our vision is to create a city-defining, ultra-luxury address with New York-style, whole-floor, tri-level residences. This gives us the freedom to create something truly incredible, with a level of class and luxury that we know the world is ready for, but has rarely seen in modular construction. We plan to apply this on a whole new scale to offer the market something completely unique in terms of design, luxury, service, and amenity,” Hirsch concluded.

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