How Snigda Suda Is Highlighting The Indian MICE Sector


Snigda Suda

There’s another part of the tourism industry that’s as lucrative as the rest of the sector. It’s the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions or MICE. It represents a significant and inseparable intersection of the tourism and events industry.

In recent years, MICE has earned the attention of many entrepreneurs because of how companies, both big and small, invest in it. Although it simply pertains to business tourism, those with an excellent eye for detail and a passion for providing experiences know how to make it more than what it is. 

Snigda Suda, hailing from India, has those characteristics, making her the ideal founder and leader of Experiences Dot World. Her company provides exceptional luxury travel experiences with unfathomable hospitality services in corporate retreats and events in India. 

“I wanted to capture the MICE segment of India and plan the best incentive trips for corporates,” she said. “I saw a gap in the market, and there were no genuine luxurious travel experiences. I came up with the luxury travel vertical to cater to the luxury travelers of India, specifically people looking for a bespoke luxury travel experience that is curated especially for them.”

Working with An Expert Team

Although Snigda sits at the top of the chain of command, she knows that executing her ideas on Experiences Dot World requires working with a team of well-trained individuals. 

Creating her team of professionals was the most challenging part of her business because luxury experiences and hospitable events were relatively new concepts in India. 

“Our team distills 20 years of high-end hospitality experience into a one-of-a-kind event tailored to our client’s preferences. With a tightly experienced and intuitive approach to service, our team excels in translating your visions into seamless events and experiences for your team,” Snigda shared. 

Snigda promises that their client’s teams can focus on bonding while they dedicate themselves to the design, management, planning, and execution of an unforgettable memorable company retreat. The young entrepreneur promises they curate the event based on the company’s vision, goals, and budget. 

Their dedicated team of global network travel specialists and partners unearth breathtaking destinations and curate bespoke travel experiences. Their range covers luxury hotels to the finest resorts to plan and curate one-of-a-kind holidays tailored to people’s desires. 

“Whether you want a few weeks of long-haul lounging or a short break, our round-the-clock team of travel experts can tailor a trip to your tastes, whatever the size of your budget,” Snigda explained. 

Fortunately, with the help of her team, Experiences Dot World also offers these exceptional experiences in India and internationally. 

Tapping Into Other Industries

Besides establishing herself in tourism, especially the MICE sector, Snigda entered other industries as an entrepreneur. Yet there’s one thing in common in her companies. She often looks for ways to provide her market with luxurious and comfortable experiences. 

For starters, Snigda also co-founded a luxury Indian candle brand called Nirah Candles, which creates 100 percent organic soy and beeswax candles hand-poured with love in India. The company stems from Snigda’s realization that India is a country of diverse cultures and aromas, which is why she and her co-founder built Nirah Candles. 

“We wanted to build India’s first luxury organic candle brand with aromas from across the country. Our goal was to create thoughtfully curated candles with aromas that will blow you away, and we achieved it,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Snigda also started another business that leverages the potential of technology and social media. After a year of research, she founded Triad Global Media, an international social media growth agency that helps clients grow on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

“I saw a lot of online businesses struggle to grow online. With my experience with social media platforms, I have built social media growth strategies that work, which is how I founded Triad Global Media,” Snigda said. 

They have catered to more than 300 clients globally and aim to engage a thousand more by the end of next year. 

Naming Her Challenges And Accomplishments

When anyone asks Snigda, she considers starting TGM and EDW her most relevant accomplishments. Through them, she served hundreds of clients. It provides her with a sense of fulfillment more than anything. 

However, her fruitful journey was also rife with challenges. Being a young entrepreneur from India, she faced hurdles, which she took on single-handedly. Unfortunately, some of these struggles came within her close circle. 

“Everyone around me advised and discouraged me from focusing on growing my companies and instead promoted the idea of going for a stable 9 to 5 job,” she shared. 

Moreover, her teachers, friends, and parents doubted her and made her feel like she couldn’t be successful. Although it was hard to ignore initially, she used it as fuel to feed the fire in her. 

Her three successful companies are a testament to what she accomplished in life despite every hurdle she encountered in her career. 

Check out Snigda Suda’s Instagram, or visit her brands’ websites (Experiences Dot World, Nirah, and TGM). 

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