Justin Haynes, JUS10H Founder, Fashion and Lifestyle Icon.


Justin Haynes
Justin Haynes

Merriam-Webster defines an icon as “a person or thing widely admired, especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sphere” as in a fashion icon

By remaining true to his ambitious work ethic and undeniable personal creativity, Justin Haynes is joining the ranks of fashion icon royalty with each new season and with each new accolade.  Known as a “ready to wear designer”, his Jus10H brand combines luxury items with high-quality everyday apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.  Jus10H is classic style with a unique twist. It’s tailored looks that transform understated elements into bold statement pieces.  It’s an approach to design that is both elegant and accessible. 

Jus10H isn’t simply a “modern vintage” brand – Jus10H Is A Lifestyle!

What makes founder Justin Haynes so special?  Whether he’s cultivating looks for another international fashion week, preparing for a global magazine feature, creating a custom look for a client, or using his platform to bring awareness to charitable causes, Justin believes in being true to oneself and the individuality of personal style.  He states, “you should walk boldly in what makes you feel good, inside and out, and never worry about what others may think about you.”

His energetic personal style reflects his vibrant vision which allows him to see the potential of ANY piece of fabric, no matter the source!  Justin brings that vision from concept to reality as he cuts and sews his pieces. Like the true creative he is, Justin reflects a cool, retro-chic vibe to everything those hands touch. “I wear what I want. I do what I want to do,” he boldly proclaims.  That is working in his favor as he harmoniously blends pattern, color, and texture others might overlook into cohesive, eye-catching ensembles. 

Recently, his own outfit caught the attention of actor, comedian, and TV host Nick Cannon.  Cannon singled out Justin during a recent episode of The Nick Cannon Show stating, “You’re fly man! I mean, whatever you put together, you’re doing it!” So impressed by the iconic Jus10H look, Cannon exclaimed, “Well, you know I need something, playa!” Justin promptly got his measurements and created an exclusive design for the multi-faceted entertainer.

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Jus10H headlined a recent New York Fashion Week DIVERSITY ROCKS runway show where Christian ‘King’ Combs commented that HIS favorite part of the night was “the energy in the room…and a lot of dope clothes.”  The signature style has graced award shows including The Oscars red carpet. Still, Jus10H is equally comfortable and accessible to the customers and fans who anxiously await each new line. There’s Onyx, his new luxury label. There’s the innovative media partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) RUNWAY 360 digital platform. JUS10H is even expanding his style influence globally as a fashion coach in Ukraine, Singapore, London, and Argentina!

As a published designer, Justin is regularly featured in international magazines and there are more to come.  He’s been featured on Fox News and NBC News and has numerous awards already under his stylish belt. He’s been named a Top Business Leader by Yahoo Finance, a Top Entrepreneur by USA Today,  Lifestyle Renaissance Man for Time Business News, a Lifestyle Fashion Icon on Google News, and more with more to come. 

Justin is committed to his mission of “Bringing Fashion to Your Everyday Life” by balancing his passion for fashion with his strong foundation of faith and family.  Consistently on global stages, he remains true to his hometown roots of Springfield, MA. He is humble in celebrating his accomplishments while recognizing there are no shortcuts to success.  

Justin is talented but most importantly, as a motivational speaker, he is an inspiration to students, those interested in pursuing fashion entrepreneurship, and others. “I want us ALL to win. Success”, he shares, “is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”  That is the essence of the Jus10H brand and what makes its founder Justin Haynes a fashion AND lifestyle icon!   

Stay updated on this and more by following JUS10H on his website and social media. 

Justin Haynes

Designer/Tailor of JUS10H

Bringing Fashion To Your Everyday Life

IG: @theofficialjus10h


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