Katharina Boger Opens Up About European Tour And New Music


Katharina Boger

Nowadays she’s making the music she’s passionate about and is very grateful for the path she went on and her Brand ‘DAngel’.

After releasing her new single “Breaking Rules” March this year Katharina Boger is finally back on the road.

What did you do during the pandemic?

We know what Katharina Boger did: Planning a “Breaking Rules” tour in three different countries. Just more than two years since pandemic began , Katharina is glad to be performing live again.
“I think we’re all really happy to be back together after so long. That’s why we’ve created a show without any limits.” Together with motivational coach, entertainer, author and speaker sensation Elmar Rassi she planed a “Breaking Rules” tour.
And this project in not only extremely ambitious but also captivating and super interesting.
It will be a perfect symbiosis of great music, entertainment, illusion combined with a thinking out of the box as a recurring theme.
It will leave a deep impression on your mindset and is an all-in-one entertainment show – music meets illusion and deep content.

“Breaking Rules” doesn’t only fit perfectly to this show it’s also the name of her latest smash hit. Together with producer/songwriter Nick J. Turpin (known for collaborations with e.g. Justin Bieber, David Guetta, etc.) Katharina wrote and produced this combination of Rock’n’Roll and Trap music in her adopted home Los Angeles.

And “Breaking Rules” is not their first collaboration.
Katharina Boger was born in Kasachstan, raised in Germany and decided to relocate to Los Angeles after completing her studies at the “Johann-Sebastian-Bach” School of Music (Germany) and producing her first songs in London.
Since that time both already worked on several songs, like “Have It”, “Want Me Back”, “Breaking Rules” and “Angels & Devils”.

During their work on her EP “Angels & Devils” Katharina decided to find her brand ‘DAngel’ that describes her best in a short way, because “We all have a little ANGEL and a little DEVIL inside of us and both fight with each other for our attention. Sometimes sassy things are more interesting even if we know that they are not the best decisions, but we choose to go for them. One day I’m the emotional, sensitive little angel and in my next song I can be a sassy, playful explosion of a devil. I feel both parts inside of me and I love to share these feelings with my audience.”

And maybe one day in a DAngel movie, too?
Katharina: “Why not?! I already did some television stuff in Germany (RTL, VOX, …). DAngels are always on fire and don’t know any limits. So I will never say never. But music will always be my priority.”

We are very excited what comes next.
So stay tuned!


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