Literary Marvel Simona Stefanakova Garcia Captivates Global Readers With Bilingual Poems


Simona Stefanakova Garcia, the creative force behind “Simona’s Library,” has emerged as a beacon of inspiration in the literary world. An author, illustrator, book creator, video editor, and YouTuber, Simona’s remarkable journey is reshaping the way children connect with literature. Her passion for empowering young minds led her to a unique approach poems. Since 2021, she has penned and illustrated over 60 bilingual children’s poems, each accompanied by delightful coloring pages and a pictionary. Simona’s vision transcends borders; her books are available on Amazon in over eleven different languages, touching the lives of children across the globe.

Simona’s motivation sprang from her desire to enable children to embrace their best selves. “I wanted to reach kids across the world, so I self-published them on Amazon in over eleven different languages,” Simona explains. Her commitment to making her work accessible to diverse cultures is evident in her extensive list of clientele, spanning continents from North America to Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia.

Simona’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. The creative process demanded innovation, especially when translating her poems into different languages while ensuring the rhyme and rhythm remained intact. To illustrate her books, Simona embraced her artistic talents and mastered various design and illustration software, overcoming the hurdle of finding affordable illustrators.

Additionally, the daunting task of publishing over 60 books and 60 notebooks was no small feat. Simona, with her husband’s initial assistance, ventured into the world of self-publishing, a venture that empowered her to assist other authors in navigating the complex process.

Understanding the power of visuals in today’s digital age, Simona turned to video marketing. With a few video-editing applications and determination, she mastered the art of creating engaging promotional content. Her YouTube channel, “Simona’s Library,” became a hub of creativity, featuring educational videos, language courses, lullabies, and even showcasing Dublin’s talented street musicians, reminiscent of Bono’s humble beginnings.

Recently, she collaborated on video projects, showcasing her versatile skills and enriching experiences in the process.

Simona’s aspirations extend far beyond her current achievements. She dreams of seeing her books adorn shelves in libraries, schools, and stores worldwide. Her upcoming book, “Grafton Street Melodies: The Buskers of Dublin,” promises a deeper connection with her readers, intertwining her passion for storytelling and her love for Dublin’s vibrant music scene.

Her wisdom for aspiring creatives? “Put yourself out there and learn new skills,” Simona advises. “Every day opens up new challenges and opportunities. New knowledge opens up new doors.”

As Simona’s books continue to captivate young hearts globally, her mission to nurture good moral values, expand vocabularies, and teach foreign languages remains unwavering. With her infectious enthusiasm, dedication, and innovative spirit, Simona Stefanakova Garcia is paving the way for a brighter, more imaginative world for children, one poem at a time.For more information and to explore Simona’s enchanting world of literature, visit her website at and join her on Instagram @SimonasLibrary.

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