Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk: A Global Humanitarian Pioneering Positive Change


Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk D.D. (h.c.), FRSA, a renowned global humanitarian, activist, visionary leader, has dedicated her life to maximizing positive impact in the world. As Co-Founder/President of The Memnosyne Institute, Co-Founder/Partner of UTF Holdings, and Co-Founder/President of Eco-Eco/Green Energy, Thompson-Frenk stands out as a powerful force driving change through both non-profit and for-profit means.

Thompson-Frenk’s journey has been one of overcoming challenges and pushing boundaries. Born with a tonal hearing loss, she defied expectations and learned to speak correctly, becoming a sought-after international speaker who has addressed distinguished audiences at the United Nations, the White House, the House of Lords, TEDx, and numerous other influential platforms. Her personal experiences of triumph over adversity inspire others to believe in their own potential for greatness.

“I see the world through two sets of eyes – the ‘me’ as the privileged child given access to healthcare, education, and opportunities, and the ‘me’ I could have been,” says Thompson-Frenk. This perspective fuels her drive to create positive change, serving as a beacon of hope for those facing similar challenges.

Thompson-Frenk’s notable career highlights are a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and communities. She and Joshua played a pivotal roles through The Memnosyne Institute, in negotiating the first treaty/alliance between the Hopi and Navajo Nations in 300 years, fostering unity and cooperation. Additionally, they led the organization to facilitate the reclaiming of Māori knowledge of “birthing flutes” destroyed during the British invasion of New Zealand, ensuring the preservation of valuable cultural heritage and improving childbirth experiences for women. Thompson-Frenk’s tireless efforts also led to the recognition of the Tolteca people of Teotihuacan as a living indigenous community, securing their religious freedom and cultural preservation through working with the tribe to establish Centro Cultural Tolteca de Teotihuacan AC and later a center serving the Maya in the Yucatan, Centro Comunitario U kúuchil k Ch’i’ibalo’on -Raxalaj Mayab’. In the USA, The Memnosyne Institute counts FoodSourceDFW as one of the leading initiatives fighting food waste in the nation (led by Rev. Dr. Todd Collier) feeding 5,000 families a day in Dallas alone and $55,077,154.00 of food saved to date and delivered to hungry people throughout the USA. It’s GreenSourceDFW program links the environmental community of North Texas and it has three international chapters including in Japan, Mexico and has just launched one in the UK which has collaborated with Gua Africa to get two busloads of Sudanese refugees out of the warzone to safety.

As an advocate of conscious capitalism and social responsible investing, Thompson-Frenk has been instrumental in spearheading transformative initiatives with NEXUS at the UN and The Memnosyne Institute hosting the first SRI conference in DFW. Through UTF Holdings, she collaborates with Kalu Ugwuomo Jr. to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and establish SRI funds that empower minorities, women, LGBT entrepreneurs, and environmental solutions.

Thompson-Frenk’s latest venture, Eco-Eco/Green Energy, has set its sights on creating solar farms that double as pollinator sanctuaries, delivering renewable energy while supporting the crucial Monarch butterfly population. By planting plants that sustain Monarchs, they contribute to reducing grain prices and making essential food more affordable for families. Thompson-Frenk and her partner, Tania Arrayales Rodriguez, recognized by the Mexican sentate as the country’s leading female eco-developer, aim to break glass ceilings in the energy market and pave the way for more female leaders in the field.

Throughout her remarkable journey, Thompson-Frenk emphasizes the importance of teamwork, acknowledging that no one achieves greatness alone. She believes in creating leaders and empowering communities, recognizing their unique strengths and enabling them to uplift themselves and others.

” I want to invest my time and money not just into creating the means for solutions, but also into creating leaders in all parts of the world so that they can uplift their communities,” says Thompson-Frenk. Her approach combines non-profit and for-profit modalities, bridging the gap between social activism and the business world.

In the years ahead, Thompson-Frenk envisions expanding the reach of The Memnosyne Institute via establishing the Memnosyne Center for Global and Local Outreach designed by Keith Critchlow, on land behind Dallas City Hall donated by developer Mike Hoque, and providing communities worldwide with the innovative AI Vital Signs Monitor designed by Memnosyne team member, Thomas Q Johns to enable communities to self-diagnose themselves so they meet the SDG’s, the first of which will be housed there through UTF Holdings and Eco-Eco/Green Energy, she aims to amplify positive impact, support sustainable development, and drive meaningful change on a global scale.

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk’s unwavering dedication, visionary leadership, and transformative work serve as an inspiration to individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide. Her commitment to combining for-profit and non-profit modalities in pursuit of a better future for all sets her apart as a true pioneer in the realm of humanitarianism.

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