Mastering The Mindset: How A 20-Hour Workweek Led To 7-Figure Success


In a world where hustle and burnout often dominate the entrepreneurial landscape, Liene Uresina’s journey stands as an example of how a transformative mindset can pave the way to 7-figure success while working just 20 hours a week.

Success Without Fulfilment Is The Ultimate Failure

Liene’s story began in 2009 when she and her husband took a bold step—they decided to build a fast-food restaurant chain in the midst of an economic crisis, defying the skepticism of those around them. Despite the odds, they achieved remarkable financial success. However, Liene found herself overwhelmed with stress, exhaustion, and a profound sense of disconnection from her family. Even her little daughter once asked, ‘Mommy, why are you always on your phone working?’ 

The trappings of luxury—designer clothing, lavish vacations, and extravagant dinners—failed to provide the fulfillment she sought. Lost in the fervor of business, she was unknowingly drifting away from the very values she cherished, trading family moments for the allure of success. Despite the glittering exterior, Liene had fallen into a common trap—attempting to manage every aspect of her business single-handedly, from mundane tasks like invoicing to leading her team, which led her to burnout.

From Overworked to 20-Hour Weeks

Unexpectedly, everything she had built came crashing down in a single day. Simultaneously, she faced critical medical emergencies, including a devastating miscarriage followed by a severe health crisis. Struggling through the anguish and physical pain, she found herself stripped of her usual abilities, forced to navigate life’s challenges in a way she had never imagined. With a newborn baby needing her care and her own well-being at risk, Liene’s world turned upside down. It was during these trying days that the importance of family and personal well-being became undeniably clear. Liene’s perspective shifted drastically as she reevaluated her priorities and aspirations. The foundation of her business crumbled, leading her to make a life-altering choice. Despite establishing an impressive 8-restaurant franchise that had gained recognition as one of Europe’s fastest-growing fast-food chains, Liene decided to walk away from the restaurant industry.

This marked the beginning of Liene’s transformative journey into the realm of personal development. Emerging as one of 100 Tony Robbins business coaches and a member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council, her expertise gained recognition. Over the next 3 years, she built Liene Uresina Coaching – a 7 figure coaching business. 

Liene’s evolution from a business operator to a business owner was driven by a toolkit of transformation. She drew inspiration from the world’s most successful individuals, learning from their strategies and experiences. Liene’s journey from being a business operator to a business owner was a journey of deep change.

One of the tools she used was meditation. It helped her clear her mind and see things better. She also used self-programming to train her mind to think differently, letting go of old limits she had set for herself. This wasn’t just about her business; it was about changing her whole way of thinking.

But her journey didn’t stop at personal transformation alone. Liene also became a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. Her dedication led her to develop a unique meditation system, recording meditations herself to change her own and other listeners’ subconsciousness. This commitment to transformation extended beyond herself and into the lives of those she touched.

Following Tony Robbins’ rule “business is 80% mindset, 20% strategy”, led her to a simple but powerful plan: she decided to work only 20 hours each week, ensuring she had time for her family and herself. To make this work, she formed an A-player team of people who were working in their zone of genius.

The most significant mindset shift came when she uncovered her “WHY”.  Liene strongly believes that success is not only reached but also shared, thus, she does everything in her power to fulfill her mission – to impact and empower 1,000,000 lives.

Frequently, there’s a saying that you can’t have everything – a successful career, a happy family, and a fulfilling lifestyle. However, Liene’s mission is to prove them wrong. You can indeed have it all – and Liene stands as living proof!

Living The Mission

Now she:

  • Is one of 100 Tony Robbins business coaches
  • Is a member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council
  • Has written a best-selling book in Latvia
  • Has recorded an audiobook
  • Is an established public speaker
  • Has guided tens of thousands of people toward transformation
  • Is a certified NLP and hypnosis practitioner

And today Liene helps others find their path too. She primarily works 1-on-1 with successful entrepreneurs who feel stuck in their journey. Her understanding of the struggles they face allows her to provide tailored guidance that breaks through barriers. But her impact doesn’t end there. Liene and her team have developed more than 10 programs. These programs cover various areas such as building confidence, creating wealth, manifesting goals, mastering business, promoting well-being, and achieving goals.

Liene’s path includes not only private coaching but also a public presence that resonates. Her passion for public speaking found its place in her journey, shaping her as a catalyst for positive change. From Mindvalley University’s Tallinn events to engaging discussions at Romania’s Everything HR 2023 conference, she sparks enthusiasm and growth wherever she speaks. And her journey continues to unfold on a global scale. In September 2023, Liene will share the stage with Dr. Shefali at a Global Woman Club event in New York!

Today, Liene embodies the mission she pursues—to help and inspire one million lives. Embracing her teachings, she offers living proof that a healthy work-life balance is not only attainable but also profitable. Armed with a portfolio of 1-on-1 coaching that has impacted around 2,000 successful entrepreneurs, Liene’s profound grasp of human psychology and mindset informs her approach. She steadfastly believes that while strategy holds importance, it is the mindset that forms the bedrock of success.

As Liene’s story continues to unfold, her unyielding mission to empower individuals to master their mindsets becomes more evident. Her journey from the trenches of business operations to the heights of 7-figure success showcases the transformational power of a mindset-driven approach.

In the end, her story isn’t just about work hours, strategies, or financial figures; it’s about the mindset that bridges the gap between ordinary and extraordinary, leaving a lasting legacy that shows the amazing potential of personal transformation.

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