Meet Shannon Waldron, Founder of Urban Fetes


Shannon Waldron

Shannon Waldron came up with the concept of attracting accomplished forward-thinking millennials, connecting them with leading brands, and ultimately elevating mundane nightlife after completing his B.S. degree in Business Management at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale).
The vision of elevating culture and business to a higher level in order to create a distinguished lifestyle has always been the ultimate goal of the company.

Established Urban Fêtes in 2011 with an undeniable flair for ambition, an innovative spirit, and the conviction that bringing about change will set the tone for the next generation of Chicago millennials.
Urban Fêtes has been able to make its mark all over the country and the world thanks to its avant-garde concept of infusing monotonous party patterns into popular business brands.
Besides hosting events in cities such as Chicago, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, and even London, it has also facilitated artist showcases and panel discussions at the world’s most prestigious film and music festivals, including South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX, and Atlanta’s Music Festival and Conference (Atlanta) (A3C).

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Silent Parties & Silent Listening Experiences” (events where people dance while listening to music through wireless headphones) are Mr Waldron’s most recent accomplishment, which has taken the nation by storm, earning him the reputation as the leader of a new wave of culture in which the audience is in complete command of their musical and social surroundings.
With over 64 Silent Parties held in over 64 cities, the Urban Fêtes team has also curated corporate events for Quicken Loans, the Brooklyn Nets (NBA), Live Nation (Live in Concert), Tom Joyner Cruise, and the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) (NOMA).

Music artists such as Trae Tha Truth, Rotimi, DDG, G Herbo, Raheem Devaughn, and many others have taken advantage of the Silent Listening Experience, which is a new and innovative twist on the traditional Listening Party.
In the social scene of the millennial generation, Mr Waldron’s instinctive leadership and entrepreneurial vision have made an indelible impression.

Using its Industry-Leading Silent Party movement and recent marketing efforts for Douglass 18 (a mini-golf course set to open in June 2021 in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighbourhood), Mr Waldron’s concept Urban Fêtes aims to establish itself as a leading events and marketing brand in the world.
His foresight in marketing and branding will, without a doubt, continue to open doors for a more innovative approach in the years to come.
Urban Fêtes is a global movement with a vision of creating an impression of distinctive party culture in a world of void social scenes. The organisation looks forward to bringing about a new change throughout the world.

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