Meet Victoria Leanna, Making Her Mark As A True-Blue Musical Artist In The American Music Scene


Her latest single, Paradise, with artist and producer Shalom Melchizedek, has been gaining massive momentum in a short span.

Victoria Leanna

It is so amazing to know how a few individuals have paved their way to enormous success and growth as professionals in their respective fields. Even more incredible is the fact that most of these professionals are females who have been making their mark and taking over almost all the industries across the world, which has spread waves of motivation and inspiration among other budding women professionals and has added to their confidence to chase their dreams and get nearer their goals and aspirations in life. Doing that in the world of music has proved to be even more taxing for many; however, there have been a few rare gems who have stayed consistent in creating a name for themselves and a unique niche as singers, songwriters, rappers, music producers, musicians and artists in the industry. We couldn’t help but notice how a passionate singer and musical artist, Victoria Leanna, has been doing exactly that and paving her own path to success with her incredible tracks.

What recently earned her massive headlines was her latest single, Paradise with artist and producer Shalom Melchizedek, which has been gaining consistent streams, views, and momentum across streaming platforms like Spotify ( This self-driven and passionate musical artist was born and raised in Northern California, Berkeley area, and after graduating from UC Berkeley, she moved to Los Angeles in order to chase her dreams in acting and music. Later she moved to NY and won hearts with her first album, Love Is Everything, with producer and artist Shalom Melchizedek in 2016. Since then, she has never looked back, giving hit tracks like Let It Go.

In 2020, she returned with a cover of The Box and Ring My Bell, followed by her original single Trust My Body and Je Ne Sais Quoi with Shalom Melchizedek. Currently, she is working around releasing three new singles to be dropped in the coming months titled Mind Reader, Solar Fire, and Burna with artist and producer Shalom Melchizedek. Also, her second album will follow soon, where listeners will get a combination of RnB, Dance, and Amapiano records.

Watch out for Victoria Leanna (@victorialeanna_), set to take over the American music scene soon.

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