N Films: How To Spend $100M On Humans’ Creativity, Not AI’s


In the heart of a bustling entertainment industry that has suffered many severe shocks in recent years, an international Film Company N Films is emerging as a rockstar among movie studios. At the helm is the visionary founder, Alexander N, who is challenging the norms by putting people, partnerships, and positive impact at the forefront of every film endeavor.

In an exclusive interview for Forbes, Alexander N shares his journey, which began in 2003 with a goal to revolutionize the movie industry. “We don’t just make pictures; with each film project we create an ecosystem where every contributor is appreciated and rewarded with not only a fair paycheck, but a well-deserved place in the spotlight,” he passionately explains.

Investing in individuals makes deep strategic sense: it’s a real application of the sustainable business model in the film industry. Over the long haul, building responsible relationships with creators, talents, and business partners will bring greater commercial returns for everyone involved in a movie project, from top investors to employees.

The recent $100M deal secured by N Films is making headlines. The strategic partnership promises to inject new opportunities into the company, supporting the production of four upcoming feature films.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2010, Alexander N (Instagram) has come a long way from a production assistant to the founder and head of a film studio. Defending diversity and harnessing its proprietary invention “creative equality,” N Films can now rightfully be called “the people’s company.”

The upcoming project, “Romea&Juliet,” promises to be a phenomenon, blending together gifted individuals of various professions, from fashion designers to spoken word artists. Every news about which will cause waves of discussion in the media and among the people. “We are redefining how movies are made and promoted to audiences,” Alexander N proudly shares. “The project is not only about delivering an extraordinary story; it’s about involving the whole community in the creative process, including those who have never been in film production before. Those individuals will bring the freshest touch to our collaborative canvas”.

At the same time, N Films is a “FilmTech” enterprise that harnesses AI for financial and managerial purposes. But for Alexander N, technology has always been a technical tool, not a replacement for human creativity.

Every N Films project is an impact enterprise. “We want our movies to influence, to inspire change,” Alexander N says with conviction. The company aims to make a positive difference, not just in the lives of creators and performers but also in the minds and hearts of the audience.

In a world where the allure of Hollywood can sometimes overshadow the essence of storytelling, N Films shines as a guiding star. Alexander N and his team are rewriting the art of cinema, proving that investing in people and fostering creativity can lead to unforgettable cinematic experiences that touch lives and inspire generations to come, and generate increased revenue.

Step into the realm of N Films, where celluloid dreams are interwoven with the spirit of humanity, and the tale on and beyond the screen is as captivating as the stories they weave. As we partake in their journey, we are reminded that the magic of cinema lies not just in what we see but in the stories that resonate deep within our hearts.In the field of entertainment, Alexander N is one of the notable visionaries-revolutionaries who certainly should be closely followed for the coming years.

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