Natasha Shantel: Igniting Change Through Music, Mentorship, and Resilience


In the dynamic landscape of the entertainment industry, there are few individuals who wear as many hats and carry as much influence as Natasha Shantel. An entrepreneur, author, singer-songwriter, and youth advocate, Natasha Shantel has emerged as a rising mogul with a passion for creativity and a mission to make a lasting impact.

Natasha Shantel’s story is one of unwavering determination. Her recent song “Seven x Eight” serves as a testament to her resilience, echoing the sentiment of getting knocked down seven times but getting back up eight. This message resonates not only with her personal journey but with countless others who have faced adversity. Natasha’s life has been punctuated by moments of challenge, yet her remarkable strength has consistently propelled her forward.

From an early age, Natasha recognized her love for the entertainment industry, viewing it as a powerful tool for societal transformation. Despite lacking resources and support, she courageously embarked on a path less traveled, forging her own way. Affirmed by the late Dr. Maya Angelou as a necessary voice for her generation, Natasha’s impact extended to influential figures like gospel legend Kirk Franklin, R&B veteran Kenny Lattimore and 2023 Hollywood Walk of Fame Star winner Melba Moore.

Natasha Shantel’s influence extends far beyond her artistic pursuits. Through her venture, Multi-Colored Coat Kids, she empowers young minds interested in the creative industries. Natasha’s coaching and mentorship inspire these youth to harness their creativity as a force for societal change. With a clear intention to foster social responsibility, heal generations, and contribute to the well-being of society, Natasha Shantel stands out as a visionary with a profound purpose.

Natasha’s debut EP, “Song In A Hard Place” weaves life lessons into its captivating melodies. The EP’s success, coupled with her nomination as the 2022 Best Female Artist and Recording of the Year by That 100 Hits Radio Show, speaks volumes about her impact despite being a newcomer in the scene. Additionally, her upcoming book series “Clutching My Pearls” promises to provide wisdom for readers of all walks of life.

Natasha Shantel’s journey has been marked by challenges, including the weight of others’ expectations, limited resources, and personal setbacks. Her resilience and compassion have grown in tandem, affording her a unique perspective on people, behaviors, business, and life. Her upcoming book, “Trailblazing Aint Easy,” is poised to offer deeper insights into her remarkable journey, while the “Clutching My Pearls” series will provide wisdom for anyone seeking inspiration.

Looking ahead, Natasha Shantel envisions herself as a household name with an indelible impact on various industries. Her ambitions span music, film, beauty, fashion, and beyond. With her sights set on becoming a global voice of wisdom and love, Natasha aims to infuse entertainment with substance and transformation.

As the founder of Multi-Colored Coat Kids, Natasha’s dream extends to cultivating a new generation of influencers and trailblazers. Through mentorship and her creative workshops, she aspires to equip young minds with the tools they need to create lasting change in the world.

Natasha Shantel is not merely an artist or entrepreneur; she is a force of nature. Her journey reflects the power of persistence, the impact of intention, and the beauty of transformation. With her multifaceted influence, she is shaping the entertainment industry while nurturing the next generation of creative leaders. As her EP resonates, and her books prepare to inspire, Natasha Shantel invites us all to embrace the lessons of her journey and recognize the limitless potential within ourselves.

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