Nkateko Letjane, Director of Shaka Easter Soccer Tournament, Empowers Youth Through Sports and Entrepreneurship


Nkateko Letjane, a visionary executive organizer and chief ambassador of Shaka Easter Soccer Tournament (SEST), is revolutionizing the landscape of youth development in South Africa. Born in Pretoria on October 10, 2001, Letjane has dedicated himself to creating opportunities for young individuals to excel in sports and the creative arts, empowering them to stay away from negative influences and embrace their talents.

From an early age, Letjane displayed a remarkable aptitude for sports and the creative arts during his years in primary and high school. He achieved outstanding milestones, becoming a three-time table tennis champion, captain of the rugby team, provincial winner of poetry competitions, a national chess competitor, and a valued member of the debate team. Through these diverse activities, Letjane not only acquired skills and talents but also learned valuable life lessons, emphasizing the importance of providing a safe space for every child.

Inspired by his father, Tshepo Letjane, the founder of SEST, Nkateko Letjane took on the role of executive organizer, logistics manager, and chief ambassador of the Shaka Easter Soccer Tournament. The tournament serves as a platform for aspiring young athletes to showcase their skills, fostering a sense of community, and providing a safe space for personal development. Nkateko Letjane’s tireless efforts and passion have catapulted SEST to become the biggest and best-organized tournament in the township, earning the recognition of surpassing the level of “Kasi Football” while still preserving the essence of its roots.

Beyond the success of SEST, Nkateko Letjane has made significant strides in entrepreneurship. The establishment and growth of Shaka Gym, which faced initial marketing challenges and financial management hurdles, now stand as a testament to Letjane’s perseverance and dedication. His education at the University of Johannesburg, where he is studying Business Management, has equipped him with the knowledge to overcome marketing obstacles and develop successful business strategies. However, Letjane credits much of his growth and triumph to the invaluable mentorship provided by his father, Tshepo Letjane.

Notable career highlights for Nkateko Letjane include receiving first place in the Provincial Gauteng Poetry Awards, successfully establishing the brand Madiba Of Forex, founding Keitumetse Media to combat youth unemployment for creatives, and achieving a balanced life between his academic pursuits, work commitments, and personal life.

Looking forward, Nkateko Letjane envisions expanding SEST’s impact by including sporting codes such as netball and basketball, creating additional opportunities for young athletes. The 2023 edition of SEST witnessed tremendous growth, with over R500,000 in prizes awarded and the tournament being streamed live on Supersport Channel. Letjane’s unwavering commitment to empowering the youth and providing a platform for their growth has established him as a rising leader in the sports and entrepreneurship sectors.

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