Pamela Anderson Reveals How ‘Borat’ Made Kid Rock Lose His Damn Mind


In an exclusive excerpt from her book Love, Pamela, the legendary performer discusses a screening of Borat that went disastrously wrong and caused her to break up with Kid Rock, a.k.a. Mr. Ritchie

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson
Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson | Photo Credit: Eric Estrade/AFP/Getty Images

BOB’S hometown of Detroit became a place BOB AND I visited more frequently. There, Bob Seger and Hank Williams Jr. sang for us at our large family wedding. Detroit was a musical city for us. All those nights spent with Hank, ZZ Top, Uncle Kracker, Eminem, and Bob’s band were taken for granted by me. Being surrounded by such talent was motivating. It was an authentically gritty and soulful rock and roll way of life. Detroit had a unique energy.

Bob was very good to the boys and had a young son of his own, so he had taken on a lot with me and the two boys. There were always adventures on Bob’s ranch, which was located nearby the city. They traveled on horses, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes. The boys skated with the team at practice for Dylan’s fourth birthday because Bob’s friend Chelios was a hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings. They passed the football with Peyton Manning and played golf with John Daly, who was renowned for being able to crack open a beer can with a golf ball hit off the top. The guys adored Bob. He worked very hard.

We occasionally had such glaring differences that I would leave to think things over. The legendary founder of Atlantic Records, Mr. Ahmet Ertegun, would then call me on Bob’s behalf and make a case for me to give him another chance. When I would travel to New York for work, they would both be performing and singing “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway while seated in the St. Regis hotel’s lobby. Or “For Your Precious Love,” another of our songs. When a man can just sing you a song, it’s a dirty game because you can’t help but give in to his charm. His well-kept secret. And each time, I was duped.

But I wanted desperately to be back in Malibu. For the five of us, the small house I had rented on Escondido Beach was too small, so Bob found us a better house on Point Dume and bought it. Prior to the Borat movie premiere, we were about to move in. It didn’t go well during the screening at Ron and Kelly Meyer’s house. There were many notable business figures present, including Steven Spielberg, Rick Rubin, Laird Hamilton, and his wife, Gabby Reece. To surprise Bob, I chose not to let him know I was in the movie. The scene in the movie that alluded to the “sex tape” slipped my mind. Bob stormed out while yelling derogatory things about me. He was embarrassed, and his response was ill-considered. Don’t be angry when Superwoman dons her cape, Laird yelled. I pursued Bob to his car, but when I got there by myself, he started to leave. I apologized and made a quick turn around before requesting a ride home. Bob was slamming a picture on the wall when I entered. He complained that he was tired of seeing a photo of David LaChapelle and I every morning. But it wasn’t David and I; it was Bert Stern and Marilyn Monroe.

Unfortunately, I was asked to give Kanye West an award at the MTV Video Music Awards. When I saw Bob on the red carpet, he said, “Look what the cat dragged in,” as he turned to face me. I then noticed Tommy. Tommy pulled me onto his lap as I snuck past him to sit down after he entered the room from a different angle and took a seat. I asked magician Criss Angel if he could make Tommy vanish while Tommy was seated next to him. From his seat across from us, Bob saw the entire incident and was furious. After I gave Kanye the award, Alicia Keys began singing “No One,” her brand-new song, and at the line “Everything’s going to be alright,” Tommy and Bob started fighting. Fists were flying, and it all ended up on live television. I left, and Alicia continued singing without missing a beat. It was staged. I imagine MTV was thrilled. I said to the gathered media that we were duped.

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