Parvez Sultan Rupani: The Self-Made Entrepreneur Taking The Middle East By Storm


Parvez Sultan Rupani is a self-made success and a true entrepreneur who has experienced both the highs and lows of business. Born in Pakistan, he went to America to pursue higher education, where he worked various jobs to support himself and pay for his education. From there, he ventured into entrepreneurship and generated significant income through health clubs and other businesses.

In 2009, Rupani moved to the UAE with his brother and business partner, Asif Ahmed, where they started a small operation with just six people. Through hard work and dedication, they grew their business into the number one partner of Etisalat by 2016. Their success led them to secure multiple honors as well as recognitions and ultimately develop their very own DgTx, which Etisalat sells today. Their company now has over 200 employees and continues to thrive.

Parvez Sultan Rupani
Parvez Sultan Rupani

Parvez’s global exposure, having been born in Pakistan, studying in the US, and living in UAE, gives him an edge and keeps his finger on the pulse of the business world and global markets. His notable career highlights include winning the “Best Digital Transformation Advisory” award at the Arabian Best of the Best Awards as Chairman of DgTx and the “Top Channel Partner Etisalat” award for Skylines Telecommunications.

Parvez believes that the secret to success is to first assist others to succeed. He says, “If you want to become something, you make someone something.” This philosophy has driven him throughout his career, and he has made it a point to always bring people up with him. He believes that without that “human touch,” no one can be successful.

Despite all of his achievements, Parvez has had to face various challenges throughout his career. One of his most difficult hurdles was when he was young and attempting to establish himself when people didn’t consider him seriously. Yet, it didn’t deter him. He persisted and made it his mission to prove himself and make his predictions a reality.

Parvez’s inspiring story and business success have led him to become one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in the Middle East. His YouTube channel, “Powerpreneurs,” has become the most inspiring podcast in the UAE for anyone hustling to make it big. He has been recognized by World’s Leaders Magazine and Forbes as the “Most Powerful Entrepreneur in the Middle East.”

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