Parvin Arjmandi: One of The Most Sought-After Musical Artist In The Music World Today


All her songs exude her pure passion and love for music, which also radiates her excellence in her musical craft.

Parvin Arjmandi
Parvin Arjmandi

To step a firm foot into one’s desired industry today in itself can prove to be a challenging task, let alone making it huge in the same. Still, there have been a few people who have astounded the world with the calculated risks they have taken and the choice they made to cross boundaries in order to reach their highest potential and desired success levels. The music industry over the years has given birth to phenomenal music artists who, in ways more than one, have remained risk-takers, experimenting in the field and offering newness to listeners and music lovers with each of their tracks. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such singer and musician with a mesmerizing sound named Parvin Arjmandi.

Parvin Arjmandi, an Iranian singer, now based in the US, has remained consistent in gaining immense love and admiration from people, for she has never failed to amaze people with her natural musical talents and a musical vibe that many listeners seek in musical artists today. Her songs like Gofti Beman, Rooze Raftan, Kenare Man Bash, Nahang, Ma Darim Be Koja Mirim, Ye Khatereh, Akharin Roya, and Deltangi, available on Spotify ( each different from the other has been doing outstandingly well on other streaming platforms also, garnering thousands of streams. 

She confesses how at only six years of age, she began singing and fell in love with music ever since. Though she had no idea as to how she would make a successful career in music, she knew she had to give it her all, work with 100% commitment, and continually work to create music that could easily cling to people’s hearts. That’s what she has been doing since 2019 when she professionally stepped foot in the industry. Looking back, she feels grateful for continuously honing her skills and enhancing her musical knowledge to become the artist she is today.

Parvin Arjmandi (@parvinarjmandimusic) wants to continue creating magical tracks even in the coming years.

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