Rhona And René Rubio Redefining Luxury Living At The Miami Design Studio


The Miami Design Studio (TMDS), led by René and Rhona Rubio, is making waves in the world of interior design. As founders and principals of this innovative firm, René and Rhona are redefining luxury living experiences by cultivating culture through design. Their unique approach to blending art and living has garnered attention and accolades, solidifying their status as industry leaders.

Photo: Yesi Lavar

TMDS believes that design has the power to shape culture, reflecting the individuals who inhabit a space. By getting to know their clients intimately, René and Rhona encourage them to venture slightly beyond their comfort zones while ensuring that the design remains comfortable and personalized. They understand that the values we hold dear shape our choices and, ultimately, the lives we live. With each project, TMDS strives to honor their clients’ values and cultivate a culture that resonates through exceptional design.

One of the notable career highlights for René and Rhona Rubio is being recognized as “Top 20 Interior Designers to Keep an Eye on in 2021” by Entrepreneurs Herald and “Top 30 Interior Designers to Keep an Eye on in 2022” by the NYC Journal. Rhona was also named part of the prestigious “50 under 50 class of 2022” by DisruptorsMagazine and accepted into MARQUIS Who’s Who in America Class of 2022.

While TMDS has experienced significant growth as a firm, the Rubio couple has faced their fair share of challenges. They learned to adapt and assess the needs of the company during each season, embracing flexibility to pave the way for growth. Balancing work and family life has been another challenge, but René and Rhona have navigated it by constantly reassessing and structuring their work-life balance with creativity and flexibility.

Photo: Yesi Lavar

When it comes to wisdom and lessons learned, Rhona shares her insight gained from the design process. She discovered that life seldom follows a linear path, and trying to control every step can hinder growth. Embracing uncertainty and walking by faith has opened doors to unexpected opportunities and fulfillment in her personal and professional life. Rhona encourages others to pay attention to the details each day brings, as they allow for personal growth and organic transformations.

Looking ahead, René envisions expanding the TMDS team and establishing their firm as a go-to destination for fearless and unique design. They aim to break the monotony in people’s lives, offering design solutions that inspire and invigorate. With their unwavering commitment to innovative design and a deep understanding of the connection between life and design, TMDS is set to redefine luxury living experiences for years to come.

To further explore their philosophy and insights, René and Rhona recently launched a blog on their website, www.themiamidesignstudio.com/blog, where they delve into the power of negative space and other captivating concepts that bridge the gap between life and design.

Photo: Briggitte Pascual 

René and Rhona Rubio’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of design and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Through their exceptional talent, dedication, and unique approach, they have firmly established themselves as authorities in the interior design world. TMDS continues to inspire clients, readers, and design enthusiasts alike with their vision of living a life by design.

For more information about The Miami Design Studio, please visit their website at www.themiamidesignstudio.com or Follow on Instagram.

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