Say Hello To International Style Icon And Viral Sensation Pooja Misra


Pooja Misra is again taking over tiktok and instagram by a storm. After her viral meme “Pooja What is This Behavior?” being recreated by almost the whole world right from celebrities from hollywood like indian origin hollywood actor Kal Penn who posted Pooja’s meme on his twitter to International diva Khloe Kardashian who quoted Poojas dialogue on her instagram…to British rappers and British influencer .Even back home in bollywood stars like Jahnvi Kapoor and Nora Fatehi along with a host of other tv celebrities and influencers have proved that they are Pooja Misra fans by impersonating her dialogues. AND GUESS WHAT? SHE’S VIRAL AGAIN ….THIS TIME ON TIK TOK….Pooja is going viral with her “Are you on Grindr?” audio now…..hold on thats not the only one …there are many more….like the “I know i am sexy ” ….and the one about “Thugs and theives”….The Gay community all around the world is recreating these funny moment from Pooja Misra’s instagram live and showing her love. Her unique style of articulating her thoughts and expressing her emotions is again taking over the internet. PEOPLE LOVE HER ATTITUDE & LIP SYNC IT BY THE MILLIONS….Isnt that the true sign of an INTERNET SUPERSTAR?….She truly is the worldwide viral sensation.For the uninitiated tik tok is only for overseas audience not available in India. So after taking the world by storm with Big Boss she is totally legit for Big Brother ! Shes way more international than this filmy crowd can ever get!!Hope to see her killing it in the international market…Do you it was not a cakewalk for Pooja what with millions of troll accounts concocting cock and bull stories which was a failed attempt by her rivals to eclipse the sun of Poojas internet fame! Aswell as trying to take down Poojas instagram account on numerous occassions in an attempt to stop her original content from reaching the target audience.But nobody can take away what is written in her destiny which is to break the internet.

Pooja Misra

That’s not all Pooja has got an inherent sense of style that tends to make a fashion statement each time, everytime…. She’s often spotted at major fashion events in India like the Lakme India Fashion Week and the Bombay Times Fashion Week… Creating and starting trends…Infact all the Alister actresses of Bollywood copied Poojas style from her college days without giving the metticulous Pooja her due!But being a creative and hardcore fashion lover Pooja is finally emerging as the fashion icon that she has always been!

Not many know that Pooja also has her own production house under which she has produced,directed,written shows like Lovesutra, and Abhi to Party,Deconstructing international cuisine with simple Indian ingredients,Spare me the crab mentality.. She is a singer too and has sung a couple of catchy tracks. She has also written an amazon bestseller book, “Yes you can be a viral reality showstar”.She has a music video called, ” Hotter than you” coming up as well as a shortfilm. Something to keep your eyes peeled out for!

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