Shreyaa Sumi, Meet New National Director For Mrs.Universe Asia USA


Shreyaa Sumi
Shreyaa Sumi (Mrs Universe Asia USA 2022-2023)

Shreyaa Sumi, California-based Model has made history by becoming the first ever Asian-American, as a Director for the Title Mrs Universe Asia USA with Mrs Universe, a bulgarian based organization. She is reaching greater heights by donning a new role on the international platform. Shreyaa Sumi acquires license for the Title Mrs.Universe Asia USA of the pageant Mrs.Universe ltd organization which is owned by Megi Savova and Sava Tsekov. Shreyaa Sumi is the only authorized National Director to select and send a delegate for Title Mrs Universe Asia USA. Applications are now accepted for the current year. The next Mrs.Universe is scheduled to happen in the Philippines later this year.

Mrs Universe pageant is an annual gala featuring a total of 100 participants from across the world, with competitive categories including national costume, evening gown, and a presentation on domestic violence. Recently, Shreyaa Sumi created an impact in the international spotlight by achieving the title of Mrs Universe Asia USA 2022-2023. She is a well-known Model, Influencer, and Mediapreneur, has previously represented many titles and has been recognized as one of the Top Influential Women across borders. She added another feather to her cap by winning the Mrs Universe Angel Heart Title at the Mrs Universe 2022 pageant held in Sofia, Bulgaria held between January 30th and February 5th, 2023.

Shreyaa Sumi won the crowd favoritism especially significant given her work on her “Beauty with a purpose project”, a social cause that aims to create awareness about domestic violence among women and girls. She collaborated with Laura’s House, an active advocacy center located in California, to create a ventriloquist puppet drama for the spokesmodel speech forum, making her the first ever participant to attempt one of a kind feat in Mrs Universe competition. Shreyaa Sumi firmly represented Asian Americans in the national costume round, wearing a stunning outfit with the theme Asian American Eagle Avenger, featuring the colors of the American flag and gold for royalty, along with a dragon with eagle heads and wings. For the evening gown round, she wore a unique neon gold themed gown. Her presentation received widespread praise from audiences and fans on social media.

Shreyaa Sumi’s extensive list of accolades includes numerous multi-international awards, including the Asia’s Women of Influence Lifetime Achievement Award, the Global Change Maker award, and the International Influencer of the Year award. Shreyaa Sumi holds an Honorary Doctorate (Ph.D) in Media & Fashion. She has also been featured in magazines and newspapers, and her recent appearance in a Global Billboard ad campaign in Los Angeles has further cemented her status as a versatile and accomplished personality. 

Shreyaa expresses that according to me every woman is a ”Shero”. We all have a wonder woman inside us. It’s not about being fearless; it’s about not letting the fear hold you back. We can do extraordinary things with strength, resilience and courage. Women have always been in power. Women have always been a part of the workforce. Women have always been part of the infrastructure of the world. Not in the numbers that they are in the present but with evolving times, the role of a woman in our society has changed tremendously. We all should believe in the power of wonder and stand up for what you believe in.

It is indeed a proud moment for any Asian-American to make it big and this beauty queen has clearly captured people’s hearts with her performance at such an extravagant global event. Dr. Shreyaa Sumi has emerged as a shining star and a role model for many aspiring women around the world. Her continued success and dedication to social causes are an inspiration to many.

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