Social Media Influencer Dark Joseph Ravine Reveals How To Be A Successful Leader In Business


Dark Joseph Ravine

Achieving success, as we all know, takes time. There are never simple ways to become successful, regardless of how easy it might seem. Many businesses fail due to a lack of passion and perseverance. Social media influencer and founder of online movement Kindness for Success, Dark Joseph Ravine, shares his tips and experience in the industry to help other aspiring business startups become successful leaders in their own right. Business leadership requires much strategizing, marketing, and reflection.

Ravine says, “It is important to be a kind leader, who stands for kindness, inclusivity, and togetherness. An effective leader is one who connects others and allows opportunities for growth. To be a successful leader, it is important your employees respect you. To be respected, you must be respectable. It is important to remember that people are watching you. They want to see whether you are genuine in your leadership or if you are being dishonest.  Ensure that you do not take advantage of others for your own personal gain because it will backfire, and you will struggle to regain the respect you lost. It also helps to love what you do and present that to your target audience demographic. This will get people to support what you do and help you build trust in your brand and business. As I mentioned in one of my YouTube videos, ‘If we don’t have trust, we don’t have anything.’ A lot of business leaders may be working hard and doing all the things a leader needs to do, but in reality, they may be dishonest about who they really are and what they represent. That is why many businesses do not succeed in the long term. As the saying goes, trust takes years to build, but can be broken in an instant.” Ravine believes in an authentic approach to business leadership, which can lead to greater success in the future.

He also believes that business should progress naturally and that nothing should be forced. He notes, “You can never demand respect, because if you do, no one will respect you,” he says. “Respect must be earned organically, through hard work and dedication to your brand and business. You need to present your unique self to the world, do not copy anyone else because the world seeks novelty, not repeated content. I always say, as long as you don’t hurt anyone, be yourself and do not let people’s opinions bring you down. That shows weakness in who you are if you feel the need to please people and change for them. The truth is that no matter what you do, everyone will always have something to say about you, so you need to learn to take criticism as a business leader. If you love what you do, do not let anyone stand in your way. Live your life, be happy, and do not change for anyone.”

Ravine elaborates that business leaders often fail because they are not truly passionate about what they are doing or are insecure about themselves and listen to naysayers. If you love what you do and it makes you happy, nothing should ever stand in your way of achieving your goals, no matter how hard it seems. Over the years, Ravine has stood his ground and fought for the business and online movement he believes in. He notes that any job that someone does, they must do it for the passion of wanting to help customers and not for the money. He notes, “you must genuinely love what you do. Business success has to be naturally earned. A passionate business leader must be a helper and giver without expectations. Think of this as doing something you genuinely love even without pay.”  

Gaining the support of fellow business leaders is something that must arise from natural interest and not by means of pressure. In conclusion, all passionate business leaders must strive to be heroes in their industries to be successful. Yet, if they do not show kindness, work hard, or help other people, that will likely cause the collapse of their business and their failure to establish themselves as a successful business leader.

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