Stephanie Atwood: Empowering Mental Health Support Through Lived Experience


In a dynamic landscape of social entrepreneurship and non-profit work, Stephanie Atwood, Founder and Director of ElevateHER Mental Health Support Services Canada, stands out for her unparalleled ability to navigate through challenges and her commitment to excellence. With a remarkable journey shaped by her own lived experiences, Atwood has carved a niche for herself, changing the landscape of the mental health industry and inspiring others along the way.

Born and raised in a small rural town in Nova Scotia, Atwood’s early life was marked by severe childhood trauma. As a survivor of domestic violence, she overcame significant adversity to become a beacon of resilience and hope. Drawing upon her own unique approach to success, Atwood challenges conventional norms, empowering individuals to forge their own paths.

One of the key factors that set Atwood apart is her ability to cultivate boundaries, enabling her to channel her lived experiences into positively impacting others without compromising her own growth and well-being. This authenticity, combined with her commitment to survivor-led processes and lived experience, has positioned Atwood as a force for change within the mental health industry.

Atwood’s leadership style and proven track record in program development have yielded remarkable results. Through ElevateHER Mental Health Support Services Canada, which she founded in 2018, Atwood has achieved exponential growth and recognition. From a small, grassroots nonprofit, the organization now boasts staff and offices across the province, with programs developed by Atwood being offered and recognized nationwide.

The impact of Atwood’s work extends beyond ElevateHER, as she has developed a remarkable partnership with the Elizabeth Fry Societies of Atlantic Canada for Trafficking and Exploitation Prevention work. Managing the Girls Action Against Trafficking & Exploitation (GATE) program, Atwood’s dedication and expertise have gained recognition from the federal government.

Acknowledging the challenges she has faced, Atwood remains resolute and professional in overcoming them. Ageism and securing funding, investors, and sponsors emerged as formidable obstacles. However, Atwood’s unwavering commitment to achieving objectives and identifying and filling gaps in mental health support has proven the efficacy of her work.

“I genuinely believe in my own potential, even when society told me I would never amount to anything,” says Atwood. “My purpose became clear through my trauma, and I knew I had to take what happened to me and do good in the world.”

Atwood’s wisdom and lessons from her journey resonate deeply. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity with boundaries, allowing entrepreneurs to create something that reflects their values and beliefs while maintaining personal growth. Atwood encourages individuals to step out of societal mandates, expand their minds, take risks, and forge their own paths.

Looking to the future, Atwood envisions expanding ElevateHER’s services throughout Canada, with a particular focus on addressing the pressing need for safe, affordable, and quality housing in the mental health industry. Her ultimate aspiration is to empower individuals across the globe, allowing them to become program leaders, managers, or directors within the organization.

Stephanie Atwood and ElevateHER Mental Health Support Services Canada serve as a beacon of hope and credibility among funders, investors, and sponsors. By highlighting the value of lived experience and demonstrating its efficacy in practice, Atwood seeks to inspire change and make a lasting impact in the field of mental health.

To learn more about Stephanie Atwood and ElevateHER Mental Health Support Services Canada, please visit their official website here. You can also connect with Stephanie Atwood on Instagram @_satwood and follow ElevateHER at @elevateHER_.

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