The Future of Corporate Training: How Team Engage’s 52-Week Program Addresses Mental Health in the Modern Workforce


Photo Credits: Erin Latterell Burk

Amid the ever-evolving corporate landscape, the spotlight is gradually turning towards the well-being of employees. Companies are awakening to the realization that a thriving workforce transcends mere productivity. It entails cultivating an environment where individuals can thrive, both personally and professionally. In this dynamic context, Team Engage, conceived by Danelle Delgado and Mike Draper, stands out as a pioneering force in corporate transformation.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Team Engage

Danelle Delgado, CEO of Life Intended and Co-Founder of Engage, is affectionately known as the “millionaire maker.” Her journey has been a remarkable one, guiding countless individuals in building million-dollar businesses both online and offline. As a best-selling author of “I Choose Joy” and one of the most sought-after female speakers and corporate trainers worldwide, Danelle Delgado’s expertise spans marketing, sales, online business strategy, communication, and personal development. Notably, she also balances the roles of a single mother to three children, a testament to her unwavering dedication.

Mike Draper, with his background as a former SWAT police officer and Air Force veteran, is making waves as a viral content creator and social strategy expert. His MBA mind, coupled with experience in real estate and mortgages, has enabled him to decode the secrets of social media success. Building a social channel with over 1.3 million organic followers, Mike’s unique approach proves that going viral is not a matter of luck but a result of strategic thinking. As a father to his incredible daughter Ellie, age 8, Mike’s journey showcases that success in any industry can be achieved through the right strategy.

The Heart of Team Engage

Team Engage stands out as the missing piece of the corporate puzzle. It serves as both the teammate every company needs and the virtual mentor every employee seeks. Their virtual training program is not only high-level but also engaging, making it a transformative force within organizations. Over 15 years, Team Engage has honed systems designed to eliminate turnover, yield accelerated results, and enhance employee engagement. These systems don’t just boost productivity but also prioritize the well-being, mental health, and personal lives of employees.

The central mantra of Team Engage is simple yet profound: “Heal the humans, scale the company.” This ethos underscores their commitment to personal development tailored for sales teams and producers. Team Engage doesn’t just preach; they practice their values of Train, Advance, Accelerate. Their programs empower good individuals to become their best, equipping them to scale their sales and establish a robust online presence for both personal and corporate growth. It’s a win-win scenario that every forward-thinking company aspires to be a part of.

A Focus on Mental Health

Within the corporate sphere, mental health has emerged as a focal concern. Team Engage astutely acknowledges that employees frequently experience a sense of disorientation or undervaluation within expansive corporate structures, a situation that can precipitate mental health challenges. Rather than resorting to superficial remedies, Team Engage conducts thorough investigations into the underlying causes of this alienation. Their approach does not prioritize quick fixes; instead, it prioritizes the enduring well-being of individuals.

What sets Team Engage apart is their pioneering “Edutainment” approach, which bridges the chasm between conventional training methods and the contemporary workforce’s requirements. They recognize that engagement is the linchpin, and their programs are meticulously crafted to transform learning into an experiential journey rather than a mundane process. Furthermore, Team Engage has meticulously formulated a comprehensive 52-week program to seamlessly integrate mental well-being into a company’s culture, ensuring that it becomes a sustained commitment rather than a transient initiative.

Mentorship for the Modern Workforce

Photo Credits: Erin Latterell Burk

Team Engage goes beyond traditional roles of trainers and culture builders. It introduces mentorship and personal coaching for every member of your team. This isn’t just any virtual program; it grants access to a team of dedicated individuals who answer questions and engage with participants in real-time on a monthly basis. This personalized approach extends not only to CEOs but also to their employees. The results are evident – a happier, more productive workforce that not only benefits the company but also gains valuable life skills in the process. In essence, Team Engage is a team no growing company can afford to overlook.

An Investment with Returns

From a business standpoint, investing in mental health support may be perceived as a cost. However, Danelle Delgado and Mike Draper have shown that it’s a strategic investment with significant returns. Team Engage’s approach not only fosters a healthier workforce but also directly addresses the productivity losses that companies often face. When employees feel valued and integral to the corporate fabric, it translates into tangible outcomes – reduced absenteeism and a revitalized bottom line.
Danelle Delgado and Mike Draper bring a potent blend of vision and pragmatism to the table. Their solutions aren’t extracted from management books; they emerge from a deep understanding of modern companies and the unique challenges faced by their employees. Team Engage is the beacon guiding companies from awareness to action, transforming their cultures, values, and, most importantly, the morale of their teams. It’s a journey that every company committed to growth should embark upon, and Danelle and Mike are the captains ready to lead the way, embodying the values of Train, Advance, Accelerate  in every step of the process.

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