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In today’s world, where traditional financial advice often falls short, Curtis May, principal of Practical Wealth Solutions LLC, stands apart from the crowd as a fresh  voice and as an innovative  connector for those seeking pathways to greater financial insight. Curtis has helped many entrepreneurs  by utilizing a principles- based planning approach to  accomplish their financial goals. 

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Curtis was encouraged to set out on  a path where he could devise strategies to both  build personal wealth and  help others in the process. He entered the financial services industry while still in college and embarked on a journey that would build real momentum in the ensuing decades. 

Reflecting on his early years as a financial advisor, Curtis admits that he too touted conventional wealth management strategies. “Buy term and invest the difference” was one of many mantras that he adhered to in the 1990s and early 2000s. However, a series of exposures to newer ways of thinking that spoke more directly to the needs of business owners and other professionals eventually  captured his attention. Too many  entrepreneurs spend years fighting to keep their head above water to meet urgent business demands as well as to meet personal and familial obligations.

Curtis teaches entrepreneurs strategies that help them recapture their money so they can pivot with flexibility to meet short and long term goals. He also encourages clients to think deeply  about their own goals and to take ownership in the strategies he shares to implement their goals.  Be forewarned though, In order to play on his team you have to do the required reading and he steers clear of clients not willing to make the in depth investment in cultivating their own knowledge base.  This is what makes Curtis stand apart from his peers and it is  what has propelled him to reach the upper tier of his profession.

But let’s go back. What is principle-based planning and how does it differ from other buzz phrases that are often bandied about in the financial services industry. For Curtis, building a foundation based upon principle-based planning is the essence of what he teaches. The five principles are:

  • Commitment to saving 15 to 20% of gross income;
  • Maximum protection
  • Legacy planning
  • Guaranteed liquidity

The Velocity of  Money. We focus on helping our clients buy or build cash flowing assets (outside of equity markets) so that they can become and remain financially free.

Curtis shares this message across a wide audience. He is a frequent podcaster and has published over 275 episodes of The Practical Wealth Show podcast”.  He is  asked to speak frequently to real estate investors, other insurance professionals and to business owners. 

Curtis speaks to a national audience and has cultivated new clients from many walks of life throughout the country. Ultimately, Curtis encourages individuals to be the architect of their own financial destiny by consistent application  of practical  strategies that align with the core values of principle-based planning and also privatized banking. He is not afraid to challenge conventional norms, but the principles that he engages clients to incorporate into their daily practices are brilliant in their simplicity.  

No stranger to success, Curtis May has joined the professional ranks of Million Dollar Round Table, Top of the Table  and other  anointed “Inner circles”. Ranking amongst the top five percent of his peers, while gratifying,  is not his long term objective.  Instead, Curtis hopes to touch the lives of 100,000 like-minded individuals over the next ten years.   
To learn more about Curtis May and his principles for financial success, visit his website at Connect with Curtis on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Join the movement towards true financial freedom and unlock your potential for a prosperous future.

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