Tony Roma Names Mohaimina Haque As Visionary CEO To Drive Growth


In a world where the restaurant industry is predominantly male-dominated, Mohaimina Haque stands as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. As the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Romacorp, Inc, trading as Tony Roma’s, she has not only shattered the glass ceiling but has also proven that determination and versatility can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

Haque is a force to be reckoned with, wearing multiple hats with grace and excellence, she also serves as a dedicated professor, imparting her wealth of knowledge to aspiring minds. She is not just a CEO, but also an accomplished attorney and the founder of the Law Office of Mohaimina Haque, PLLC, located in Washington D.C. She also has a genuine passion for mentoring students aspiring to pursue careers in law and entrepreneurship, offering invaluable assistance in unlocking their full potential. Her dedication to both her professional and educational endeavors showcases her as a true inspiration in the fields she touches.

Haque’s unique path to leadership began with her legal expertise. Serving as an outside General Counsel for Tony Roma’s, she demonstrated an unparalleled ability to dive deep into her clients’ challenges, dissecting every detail to provide effective solutions. This exceptional problem-solving approach paved the way for her elevation to the CEO role, making her the first woman to lead the company in its 51-year history.

Mohaimina Haque (CEO of Tony Roma)

A true multi-tasker, Haque manages to strike a harmonious balance between her various roles. In addition to her responsibilities at Tony Roma’s, she also serves as an Adjunct Law Professor at American University Washington College of Law, imparting her extensive legal knowledge to future generations of legal professionals. Balancing her roles as a mother of two daughters and a wife to a successful attorney further showcases her remarkable ability to juggle multiple responsibilities with finesse.

Haque’s career is marked by numerous milestones and recognitions. Notably, she holds the distinction of being a member of the Forbes Business Council, a prestigious acknowledgment of her leadership acumen and industry expertise.

Beyond her personal accomplishments, Haque envisions a future that is both ambitious and inspiring. As the CEO of Tony Roma’s, her aim is to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world, fostering a global expansion of the brand. Additionally, her law firm is poised for growth, with plans to establish a presence in Dubai, further extending her influence and impact on the international stage.

The story of Mohaimina Haque is a testament to the power of determination and the ability to defy the status quo. She has proven that a lawyer can seamlessly transition into a dynamic career as a Chief Executive Officer, breaking barriers and setting new standards of success. With her visionary leadership and boundless ambition, she is not only steering Tony Roma’s towards greater heights but is also leaving an indelible mark on the world of business and beyond. Through her journey, she offers invaluable lessons in perseverance, multitasking, and the limitless possibilities that come with unwavering determination.

As the world takes note of Mohaimina Haque’s exceptional achievements, her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals striving to make their mark in industries traditionally dominated by a single gender. Her remarkable journey is a testament to the fact that when determination meets opportunity, glass ceilings are not just shattered – they are transformed into stepping stones for the generations to come.

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