Unveiling the Royal Legacy: HRH May Liu’s Extraordinary Tale of Art, Humanity, and Heritage


In a world where creativity, philanthropy, and heritage intertwine, there stands a remarkable individual whose journey embodies the essence of a modern-day Renaissance, HRH May Liu, the 73rd Descendant of Royal Family Liu from the illustrious Han Dynasty. As President of the Superstar Art Foundation and an Imperial Art & Humanity Consul, certified Human Rights Consultant, May Liu’s story is a testament to the transformative power of art and the boundless impact of humanitarian efforts. This article explores the life and accomplishments of HRH May Liu, a multi-talented producer, artist, and philanthropist, whose passion and dedication have left an indelible mark in the realms of film, literature, and artistic expression.

Born into a lineage rich in history and heritage, HRH May Liu’s royal ancestry traces back to the revered Royal Family Liu from the Han Dynasty. Embracing her unique identity, she has taken upon herself the responsibility of preserving and promoting the Han cultural legacy of her forefathers. With grace and humility, May Liu has emerged as a noble chivalry rank of Art & Humanity Consul by Imperial order of Culture and Peace, sharing the profound wisdom and artistic traditions of ancient times with the world.

As an artist, filmmaker, and actress, HRH May Liu has showcased her creative prowess on numerous platforms. As award winning writer and  Producer of 7 movies, she was invited to be jury member of US China film festivals in Houston, and become VIP guest in Cannes Film Festival. Her recent directed  movie “ Lost in In 24” have gained  Best Mystery and best actress award in Rome International Movie Awards and brought the human trafficking social issues to spotlight of big screen.  while heroil painting reproduction of world famous art in her e book  “May Liu Artwork Collection 2021” in Amazon has captivated reader‘s great interests. May Liu’s passion for artistic expression has translated into stunning oil paintings and an impressive collection of NFT artwork, including masterpieces of luminaries like Da Vinci and contemporary icons like Elon Musk.

Beyond her artistic achievements, HRH May Liu’s heart lies in philanthropy. As the Founder of the Superstar Art Foundation, she has dedicated herself to empowering aspiring artists, providing them with the resources, mentorship, and opportunities needed to realize their dreams. Through the Miss Economic World Pageant and the Superstar Awards program, May Liu has championed emerging talents, instilling in them the belief that their artistic endeavors can create positive change in the world.

HRH May Liu’s humanitarian efforts extend far beyond the realm of art. She has taken the initiative to donate PPE to Wuhan city during covid 19 critical time, contributed her artwork for fundraising causes in Monaco F1  and Ukraine, and created paintings for Savoy Foundation supporting children. With a noble vision for a better world, May Liu has become an ambassador of compassion and kindness, using her influence and resources to uplift the lives of those in need.

HRH May Liu thinks the family heritage is the foundation of the world variety. The future of the world is metaverse, the future of mankind is humanity. Looking ahead, HRH May Liu envisions a Utopian future with humanity where she will continue to make profound impact on the world. The development of the Royal Han Palace Museum and the Royal Han Academy aims to preserve cultural heritage and promote the significance of history for generations to come. By leveraging digital revolution and AI technology, she plans to utilize the metaverse and issue 500M Artcoin.

to further her humanitarian and artistic goals. She expressed her hope to find the groups and individuals that has the same vision and dreams with herHRH May Liu’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and cultural pride. As a descendent of the Han Dynasty, she stands as a symbol of resilience and creative brilliance. Through her unwavering dedication to art and philanthropy, she has inspired countless individuals to embrace their uniqueness and make a difference in their communities. As we gaze into the future, we can only anticipate greater achievements and a lasting legacy as HRH May Liu continues to lead the way towards a world where art and humanity converge for the greater good.

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