When The Student Becomes The Teacher: Savir Suda’s Story Of Growth And Success


Savir Suda

The four corners of a classroom don’t hold all the knowledge in the world—and having a degree doesn’t always guarantee success. Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. They all leaped at entrepreneurship and attained the accomplishments they desired the most. 

Yet despite their business-savvy minds, like every successful entrepreneur or individual, they had to learn new things. After all, there’s a lot to learn from the world around us through experience and from others. 

So when Savir Suda from New Delhi, India, found a mentor to teach him how to leverage the online space, he jumped at the opportunity to learn and start a business. He now owns Triad Global Media (TGM), which aims to become the most relevant media empire in the industry. 

Nonetheless, he took the time to learn about the industry and appreciated the mentoring he received. He now advises people who want to grow their online presence or start a YouTube automated channel because 

Age Is But A Number

While some people view age as a hindrance to pursuing goals, Savir paid no heed to his began his journey early at 16. 

“I always knew that the 9 to 5 world and college weren’t for me, and I hated having a boss who would tell me what to do. I always saw that the school system is flawed for entrepreneurs and that school fails entrepreneurs like me every day,” he shared.

He simply wanted to pursue a life of freedom where he didn’t have to worry about how much money he made. Savir also wanted to break free from a restricting environment and prove there’s more than one path to success. 

“Where I come from, almost everyone has a broken mindset, where they think a 9 to 5 job is the only way to become successful. They believe the desire to make more money is wrong and that discussing money is prohibited. Everyone I knew had a scarcity mindset. They think that money is limited and that making $5,000 a month is difficult. Growing up with people like this, I always felt held back. To overcome this problem, I started spending more time online with like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, etc.,” he explained. 

At 16, Savir began his YouTube automation business after finding a mentor online. Yet it wasn’t all smooth sailing, despite his eagerness to hit the ground running. 

“I was in high school and did not have the money to join that mentor’s one-on-one mentorship program. I knew I needed to do this, so I borrowed 500 Euros from my sister to join that program,” he said. 

He admitted it was a scary move, but after getting started with his mentor, he saw his business pick up. He proudly shares that his YouTube channels have been growing to good numbers ever since. 

How His Business Works

One of Savir’s businesses is a YouTube automation agency which he takes immense pride in because of how he interacts with his clients—his added personal touch. 

“My personal touch to my business is quality customer interaction and contact our clients get while working with us. In today’s world, when someone becomes a client of your business, the communication with that client immediately goes down to the bare minimum. At TGM, we aim to provide the best possible customer support where we would personally talk to our clients, sometimes for hours at a time,” he said. 

Savir worked with almost 200 clients in one year and helped them build their automated YouTube channels. He also reached his goal of earning $200,000 in revenue during his first year of business. Savir was 17 then. 

He now earns $30,000 to $35,000 monthly from both online businesses. 

A Clear View Of  His Future 

Despite his early success, Savir has a long-term view of the future and set several goals for TGM. 

“We want to own 500+ cash-flowing, fully automated YouTube channels under this company,” he said. 

His other goals include helping others start with YouTube and have an automated channel for themselves. 

“That is why I started offering a Done For You service for building 100% hands-off YouTube automation channels for everyday people —which is what I passionately do now with my agency business,” he said. 

Savir’s other goals, preferably within the next two years, include starting and sustaining ten more cash-flowing YouTube channels for himself, becoming a millionaire, fully retiring his parents, and helping over 1,000 clients through his YouTube agency. 

Passing On The Knowledge

Now that Savir has a successful career as an online entrepreneur, he uses his platform wisely by teaching others how to follow in his footsteps or carve their path in their selected industries. 

One piece of advice he reiterates is the advantage of getting a mentor because of how having one empowered his life and career. 

“You need to find a person who has achieved the goals you want to achieve and then work with them. If you want to make a million dollars, find a mentor who is a millionaire and offers mentorship. Join their program. You will become a millionaire if that mentor is genuine and provides value to his clients. That’s a guarantee,” he said. 

Savir added that mentors could also affect other aspects of life besides business. Several individuals can attest to this claim since they also achieved their goals with the help of the right person. 

“Mentors will save you a TON of time and money in the long run, and they will help you to get your goals faster than if you tried to do it on your own,” he said. 

However, people should also be careful when picking mentors. They should select those whose visions and goals align with theirs for efficiency and the best results. 

Although it wasn’t an easy journey, Savir went from being a student to an inspiring young individual who made his dreams come true. He also shares his secrets and approaches with others so they can also enjoy a life of freedom as he does.

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