Wofret Opens to Turkish Market, The Adventure of Wofret from England to Turkey



Yunus Emre Kelkitli, born in 1985, who focused on software with some of his friends and close circle after working in many different fields, is one of the important actors that the software and informatics field has recently developed. Kelkitli, who went to London, England, from Turkey for language education in 2003, improved himself not only in language education but also in online commerce. Aiming to develop a powerful software algorithm by working on the applications, plugins and interfaces of dozens of different e-commerce sites, Kelkitli crowned this with the recently popular e-commerce site Wofret.

Strong Step To The Sector With Wofret
In fact, the first project of Yunus Emre Kelkitli is not Wofret. Kelkitli, who had his first big experience with the software company Woftware, followed important actors of the industry such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, and focused more on what they could do in the field of entrepreneurship. As a result, by establishing a software company Woftware, it implemented important applications and add-ons supported by open-source algorithms, and offered some of them for free or paid on Google Play and Apple Store. At the same time, it has constantly improved these applications and plugins and added new formats and touches according to the feedback.

What is Wofret? What Kind of Application?
Wofret is an online shopping application launched by Turkish entrepreneur Yunus Emre Kelkitli in 2019, based in London, England. Although there are similar applications in Europe, the fact that there are very few similar applications in Turkey increases the orientation to this market and is very popular with users. The company, which was started with the goal of being the sector leader in Turkey and chose Izmir as the pilot region in Turkey after England, is expected to expand its service network to other provinces in Turkey according to future data.

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A Safe Marketplace Between Seller and Buyer
The aim of Kelkitli is shown as the ultra-level protection of the rights of buyers and sellers through a very safe and reliable system and the sustainability of trade. In this context, the Wofret application, which he defines as a safe marketplace between the buyer and the seller, offers a dynamic interface, useful menu and remarkable in-app experiences.
Explaining that they make improvements according to the feedback of the users and that improvement, development and transformation will continue in the process, successful entrepreneur Kelkitli explained that Wofret is also open to new partnerships and is supported by a strong infrastructure. It is a matter of curiosity how Wofret, which is expected to become one of the world’s largest virtual trading platforms in the coming years, will attract attention in Turkey.

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