Women Gone Wild: Wealth Edition Book Launch Is Partnering With She Talks & Combat Boots To High Heels 501c For A Red-carpet Extravaganza In Huntington Beach, CA. on June 17th.


When Powerhouse Rhonda Swan plans an event, she does not do this lightly. The 5x best selling author, CEO  and advocate for women empowerment is putting together the “Wildest”  book launch of the year and doubling down with a red carpet extravaganza.

On June 17th, from 11am-2pm  the authors will be at Barnes and Noble in Huntington Beach, to launch their latest book, Women Gone Wild; “The Feminine Guide to Fearless Living” [Wealth Edition].

This is the first edition in the 4 part book series W.I.L.D. 

W- Wealth, I- Intuition, L- Leadership and D- Diversity. The WEALTH Edition is about redefining wealth in every area of our lives and showing women the power of connection & collaboration by sharing our wild stories and supporting each other. WGW is a safe space for women to share their WILD stories and what they went through to get to where they are today, Stories of triumph, failure and inspiration. You’ll be moved by the transparency and inspired by their vulnerability.  This book is being labeled as the “Chicken Soup for The Soul” of women empowerment because of the range of stories and authors sharing their wisdom.  

Photo Credit: Ira Bowman

To leave an even greater impact, Swan and her authors have partnered with the founder of She Talks, Julie Ducharme and Combat Boots To High Heels [501c charity] that supports women veterans, for their official book launch and red carpet event

The red carpet event will feature a whole host of high-profile female figures, celebrities, renowned authors and inspirational speakers. There will be book signings, entertainment from American Idol’s Jessica Meuse plus lots more. 

Swan said this will be the greatest ticket in town, ‘’If you want to rub shoulders with the leaders in women enrichment and be inspired and network and grow, this is where you need to be.’’

Read your way to success 

Women Gone Wild Feminine Guide to Fearless Living Wealth Edition is about redefining wealth and encouraging women to build their own financial success. The book offers insights and strategies for wealth creation and management, with a focus on the meaning of W.I.L.D – Wealth, Intuition, Leadership and Diversity. 

This powerful book involves 25 female authors from all walks of life, and their stories reflect a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and challenges. Together, they create a powerful message of resilience, empowerment, and hope. Many readers have praised ‘Women Gone Wild’ as a ‘’chicken soup for women empowerment. ’Providing a much-needed boost of inspiration and motivation. 

The 25 authors are Rhonda Swan, Diana Wentworth, Jamie Anderson, Danette May, Danelle Delgado, Adriana Alvarez, Hanalei Swan, Camberly Gilmartin, April Ryan, Michelle Beltran, Kortney Murray, Stefanie Bruns, Blair Kaplan Venables, Ania Halama, Karen Whelan, Tarryn Reeves, Dana Kay, Ebony Swank, Barbie Layton, Genevieve Searle, Shar Moore, Michale Gabriel, and Robin Mullin.

Swan explains why Women Gone Wild partnered with She Talks for their upcoming book launch extravaganza ‘’ it’s an important collaboration and partnership ‘’We want the same thing, offering a platform for women to share their stories and knowledge. We want to break down gender barriers and promote and empower women.’’

Using powerful voices at the event such as Sharon Lechter, author, and businesswoman. Lechter has also worked on the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy.

Diana Wentworth, author of seven best-selling and award-winning books and the co author of two Chicken Soup for the Soul titles. Film rights to her romantic memoir, Send Me Someone, were purchased by the Lifetime Network. 

Justine Siegal, an American baseball coach, sports educator and the founder of Baseball For All. In 2009, she became the first female coach of a professional men’s baseball team, when she worked for the Brockton Rox, in the independent Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball.

Jen Welter, an American football coach who is currently linebackers coach for the Vegas Vipers of the XFL. She was a defensive coaching intern for the National Football League’s Arizona Cardinals during their training camp and the 2015 preseason, making her the first female coaching intern in the NFL. Swan says, ‘’Their powerful voices among the other incredible speakers will ensure our mission is cemented- which is to uplift women everywhere. ‘’

Kamin Samuel First female African-American Helicopter pilot for the Navy. She started her professional career in the U.S. Navy’s as first female African-American helicopter pilot and holds a PhD in Positive Neuropsychology, a Masters of Science in Information Systems, a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, and a Masters of Science in Spiritual Science. Kamin’s unique background combines the technical and soft skills, allowing her to assist individuals in taking practical action in the real world that gets dramatic results.If you’re attending the book launch you can meet the authors, and have your book signed. There’s an opportunity to get glam and walk the red carpet, network, meet and greet, enjoy delicious appetizers and drinks and of course enjoy top class entertainment. If you want the hottest ticket in town and to meet the authors on the Red Carpet or to sponsor go to: https://www.wgwbook.com/she-talks  for more details and bookings.

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